Monday, January 28, 2008

Bathroom Decor Progress

Well, it has been a very full week even without painting the bathroom. But I can see the completion of this project is within reach! Yeah!

Here is a teaser picture of the progress so far:

I'll do before and afters soon.


Anonymous said...

I like your border. Is is geraniums?? I can't tell without a close up!!

Very nice!! Are we going to see more??

Becky K. said...

Does the picture get larger for you if you click on it? It does For me...Yes, those are geraniums and I will be doing a longer post with some before/in between and final pictures.
I was just needing a bit of a boost because I wanted to have this done last week and it just did not get finished...
I took this picture and just thought it would be fun to see the progress.
Becky K.

Alicia said...

Looks good!!! Cant wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about this and yes I can see it better!! Sometimes the blonde comes through!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

OOOOh...I love the red accents! Purty!!

KJ said...

I guess I should be singing, "It's my Birthday, I can do what I want to, do what I want to..." It's 2:28 AM here and I am typing away—waiting for my hubby's alarm to go off so that I can hit the hay (he hits the snooze a bit much).

I just re-read your wonderful Birthday poem and just wanted to come by and thank YOU! How very personal and encouraging! I am really touched! It's a keeper, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

beautiful, becky!

daisyaday said...

Wow, that's beautiful. Love the colors. It's a room you could bring your book into and get lost in for a little while. :)