Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just checking in before I go back to watch more South Carolina GOP Primary results. This presidential election is the closest I've ever seen to a sports event. The pundits are calling the plays...the voters are "running the ball"...back and forth... back and forth. Who will win? We may not know that answer until the "fourth quarter".

I don't know if I'll be able to keep these eyelids open. After a late night last night with Small Group here and enjoying the company of our friends, I was out the door by 7 am with Mom to go to State College on business. We also got to see my Brother and Sister-in-law. We had a lovely lunch at a local restaurant called Prospectors. It was a favorite of ours when we lived there.

It was a lovely day. I enjoyed the 6 hours in the car with Mom all to myself! I also enjoyed the time spent with clients and family. I loved how it worked out at the last minute to see a client who had called me during the week but I had not been able to reach today. She called as we were about to pass her home on our way through her small town. How cool was that! Considering I live 3 hours away from her home I was pleased to have that detail work out!

Hope your Sunday is great and that you are able to Celebrate the Lord Jesus. He deserves our praise!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Have a lovely Sunday!

When do you want to play wii?

I sense a tournament coming on....

Alicia said...

What a nice Sunday! Hope it continues to go well!!!!