Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Soon after I posted this morning a pain set in my side that nearly made me cry! You know the kind of pain where you break out in a sweat and have nausea? That was me this morning.

So, my running day turned into a hobbling day....hmmmmm....

I have struggled with Ovarian Cysts since I was a teen but they are not usually this bad...

I got the candles poured and kids school assignments given and then have spent the rest of the day at the doctor and then off having ultrasound testing done.

The may be the third year in a row for surgery depending on how this one behaves!

2006 - Hysterectomy - that was pretty easy but caused a grapefruit sized absessed ovarian cyst. I was in the hospital for a long time and very, very sick for longer.

2007 - Gull bladder removal and adhesion (caused by the aforementioned pelvic infection) clipping...not such a big deal and very worth while for the relief obtained. My liver and diaphragm were stuck together with adhesions. Are you squeamish does that make you shudder? It hurt! A lot!

2008 - ???? I am hoping nothing...but the ultrasound techie was prepping me for another surgery...we will see...she is not the Dr. She was very surprised that they sent me home to wait it out on pain meds. The ultrasound showed a 3cm cyst. I do not know why some hurt and others just are a nuisance.

I am treating the pain and will see the doctor for a follow up in a month or so if nothing changes in the next day or so.

SO.... no bowling today. Sorry Mrs. Rabe...my cell phone died before I got to call you and it was one thing to the next!


Anonymous said...

(*( tender hug )*)

Wish I lived nearby and could help out a bit. Make dinner for your family and bring a little bit to you to eat while you recline. Or at the very least sit with you while the meds take affect. Poor thing.

Praying <><

Anonymous said...

So I guess after your hysterectomy you still have your ovaries? If you had this history why didn't they take out the ovaries???

I still have mine but sometimes the scar tissue inside can give a tear jerker pain when getting up from sitting.

Keep us informed and if you can't, call Deanna and have her keep us updated.

Sometimes when we have a list, it gets changed for us. I had a list once and it got preempted by closing my pointer finger in the van door and its breaking (my finger not the door). That could ruin anyone's list for the day!!!

daisyaday said...

Ai yi. Sorry for your stinky day. I hope you're feeling much better soon.

Tracy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Becky! Hope so much you will be feeling better very soon. Let us know how things go. Thinking of you and sending ((love & hugs))

Martie said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well. I will be praying for you.


Elijah's Mommy said...

Oh that's terrible! I really hope you feel better soon and i'll be praying you will!

kara & jack's mom said...

Keep us posted... we'll 2 houses away if you need us for ANYTHING! Praying for you! Judy