Friday, January 4, 2008


This is how my brain feels today!
All tangled and torn.

Planning ahead for 10 more weeks of music classes with my nearly 40 4-6th graders. Do I want the class to be technical?
Oh, there are so many ways I could go....I want 30 weeks!

Then there are the concerns, that woke me at 4:30 am this morning, about a certain child. Please pray that we would have wisdom.

Our responsibilities with the county-wide Homeschool Board...
we have a large event coming up.

A house that desperately needs my attention...
my frustration at not getting it done.

How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time!

This is how I must approach my home and the removal of Christmas. I then must find the energy to sort and file about a gazillion papers that I have stashed in various piles hidden, and not so hidden, through the house. A thorough cleaning and dusting of the entire establishment. Deciding to be content to leave the boys building toys on the air hockey table in the family room...for this means they are not always on their computer games or watching tv.

Finding permanent homes for all of the candle "stuff" in the garage. It is getting better...I have been working on that.

It is one of those days...Mamma's brain is tired...the holidays are over and the real work begins anew. We are back to full swing in our school work and the days are eaten up faster than a fat slice of rich, dark chocolate cake!

Can you tell we are doing a unit on poetry? Yesterday we talked about using words in our poetry that compare things that everyone can relate to. Hence, the cake comment! Can you relate to that? Think heavy, dark fudge in between the layers or perhaps you prefer the little chocolate cake volcano... all hollowed out with melted hot fudge just oozing in the middle...Either way there go my days just as fast as those pieces of cake fly off the plate and onto my hips!

Well, we are all granted the same 24 hours and if my body decided to give up some of those that it could have slept I guess I'll get some work done before it is time to begin our lessons today.

Have a good one...hope your brain isn't feeling like "jabberwocky"!

Your friend,


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Becky...Thank you for visiting me recently and for your sweet words,,,,I hope I have the right blog..there were a few to chose from for you!!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake with German frosting. You know the kind, with the walnuts and coconut??? To go through the cake with some rocky places to get through and coconut is the string we are holding on to dear life.... I just had to continue the poetry!!

Haven't told DH, but I think I would like to visit. Maybe bring Kaitlin in the summer. It would be fun to bring Alicia, but I don't know when her Italy plans are...

My house is de-cluttered thanks to my husband who helped me so much during the holiday as I was and am in such pain.. I know God picked this man out for me, no one else could handle helping me out...

Anonymous said...

Ah, it looks nice!! You have your little clock up that I like so well. E-mail me and tell me your main cross streets so I can figure out where you live!!! On the Miss P one!