Friday, January 11, 2008


I love seeing the reflections this light
casts onto our stairwell walls.
And as is typical for know...
everything is an object lesson
in this teacher brain...
I got to thinking it is kind of like us.
We, if we know the Lord,
have the light of Christ in us
and we reflect that out to the world.
How does that come out?
Is it pretty, as in the case of cut glass.
Oh, and that could take us down another
rabbit trail.
The reflection is pretty because
the glass has been cut, stressed, hurt.
Could it be that we can show prettier reflections
if we have been allowed to suffer?
Does this stress make a prettier reflection?
I think it can...
if we use that suffering
to draw closer to our Creator.
To know His hand and trust Him more.
You can see the marks of the
but they show up as beauty because of
the healing hand of our Lord,
and Friend, Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Nicole Nordeman wrote a song about the stone and the river rolling over it making it smooth. As with the light it may take some time to cut and etch and the stone make smooth to see God's glory shine through.

Alicia said...

Love this Becky! I really think we are more radiant when we have gone through life struggles, because God is the potter and we are the clay. God has us in His hands, and He is allowing such events to occur in our lives to make us more like Him and to grow.