Thursday, January 3, 2008


After posting about Mikey I got to thinking about each of my children and their differing personalities. I cannot believe that each of these young people has the same parents...and they do...I was there!!!! Each of them does have some features from Warren and myself but they are such different people.

Jonathan is serious, considerate, thoughtful, sensitive, caring. He wants to know everything that he can about what people think about him...what are they he ok? He struggles academically so has a lesser opinion of himself that makes me sad. We are working on that. He is improving and we are striving to let him know that no one excels at absolutely everything. That he needs to work within his strengths.

Mikey, the comedian and adventurer, who wears a harder shell to cover the extremely sensitive and caring inside. As a child, he would sob, if we accidentally ran over an animal but now wants everyone to think he cares about no one or nothing. I cannot wait for this phase to get over with so he can be confident enough to show his true self again. He is always looking for the rush of adrenalin and pushes his body to the max. He is a hard worker who loves his boss and his job.

Chelsea is my sweet helper. She is always watching and learning. That girl is an organizer and party planner. She is good with keeping an eye on the calendar and the clock. She is caring, smart and an artist and author. She loves to cook and bake. You'll probably see more of her on this blog than the other two because we are almost always together...unless she is with Kara or Kristen. Right girls?

Isn't it fun to see our children turning into adults? Some days I want to turn and run back to the time that I had more "Control". Other days I wish this period of time was done and they were out there and successful.

But I am very aware that everyday is precious and this is the time we have been given to mold and guide and be there for them in the rough times. Sometimes in this period we are not even friends as parenting requires saying "No" firmly but with love. That is so hard and makes my tummy hurt. But I will do it when necessary because it is best for my dearly loved children. I readily admit that I need your prayers for wisdom for Myself and Warren as we go through this without a handbook. I thank the Lord that both of us were blessed with Godly parents who gave us a good example of parenting.

We are surely created with different personalities...isn't that great???!?!?!?!
Life would be boring if we were all vanilla...
Life would be scary if we were all cinnamon...
Life would be teary if we were all onion...just kidding!
You get the point! Thank the Lord for the variety...
Blessings on your day!
Thanks for putting up with this post.


Alicia said...

Thank you Lord for all of our quirky personalities!! Thats what makes our world go 'round!!! I love that God created each of us to be different, otherwise this would be a boring life!

Loved the post!

kara&jack's mom said...

You are so right about personality. And don't you think that personality can change as the kids grow older? One of the most important things my friend taught me about personality is that although God gave each of us and our children a very unique one, it is also up to us as parents to mold and shape their personalities in order to raise thoughtful, considerate and kind children who grow into thoughtful, considerate and kind adults! I really have struggled off and on with this concept especially with my youngest! Thanks for sharing your insight into this area! And I apologize for not posting earlier... I haven't been able to sign in... password error. But I assure you that I love your blog... you have a very special writing ability! Judy