Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Favorite Painting

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I love history! It is something that just really excites me. When I met my husband's Grandma Charlotte I fell in love with the history in her home. This was one of the paintings on her wall. It is of the City of York, Pa long before it became the modern, troubled city that it is today.

I particularly love the angles this artist, F. Marion Dyer used with the people and even the horse. The painting is dated 1935 and is hung with love in our family room with lighting focused on it.

My sister-in-law, Bev, the art curator, seemed to enjoy this painting too, the first time she saw it. It is fun to share our little treasures.

The colors were perfect for our family room as we remodeled and put in tans, burgundy and greens. Warren's parents had this painting remounted and cleaned after Grandma Charlotte moved into an assisted living facility. I so appreciate this gift.
Grandma Charlotte is now in Heaven but I think of her each time I enjoy this painting.

Do you take the time to enjoy artwork in your home? What are your favorites?


Tracy said...

Happy New Year, Becky! York being my hometown, this post's photos was especially heartwarming! Thank you--it's like a taste of home! Living here in Norway as I do now, I try to have touches of home here. DH and I have art prints by Andrew Wyeth and Ray Hendershot scattered in the living room and dining room. Watercolors by DH decorated the home office. My craft room has serveral bulletin board that I use to put up art postcards, photos, clipped images from magazines and much else in ever changing inspirational displays. Art is a big part of life for myself and DH. May beauty shine for you this year--and wishing you the happiest of days in 2008! ((HUGS))

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love the painting too! Most of the artwork in our homes is by Kijsa, but we have some treasured pieces from our Grandmothers! Yours is just lovely!
Wanted to wish you a wonderful, prosperous, safe and healthy New Year! Here is to a fabulous 2008!

kari & kijsa

Tea Time and Roses said...

Happy New Year Becky! Thank you so much for your New Year wish! I too am wishing you the very best in 2008!

Beautiful artwork....I have a few pieces I adore, but my favorite is a piece by Paul Goodnight who tends to paint images of women in the early 1900's in the deep south. He uses vibrant colors, and beautiful costumes. I really love his work, and so many others. Again wishing you and your family all the best!!



Anonymous said...

Not much artwork. I have Cat Meow's houses on my front windowsill. I have an Amish quilt hanging over my couch. I mostly have pictures. But there are artists out there that I enjoy looking at there work.

I have Jack Vertriano border in my bathroom and a picture hanging by him in there also!! I love my bathroom. My DH did the whole thing while were in PA one year!!

Terri and Bob said...

I have some artwork that I love in both my home and in my mom's. My mom never collected art, she just lucked upon it. If I get home soon, I 'll take a picture of the piece above her fireplace.. it is cool!

Anonymous said...

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