Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Week of Many Projects....

This is an incredibly full week that follows a very full weekend. Here are, in no particular order, the things that need to be accomplished this week:

1. Make Valentine Candles for two fundraisers.Done for One!
2. Paint the bathroom. This is started!
3. Clean out our Master Bedroom of the accumulated papers and "stuff" that just
keeps finding its way into the room. Make room for the Scrapbook Organizer.
4. Teach 5, Now 4,Now 3, days of school to my favorite kids on the planet.
5. Be at the hospital with a friend while her husband undergoes a medical procedure.Done! Joe made out just fine...
6. Take two dogs to the of which gets extremely car sick. Done!
7. Go Bowling with the co-op friends.Done
8. A shopping trip to Reading with my Mom - because we want to!
9. Co-op afternoon - teach 4-6th grade music.
10. A Co-op planning meeting.Done!
11. Prepare bulletins for Church on Sunday.
12. Host the Youth Group to dinner on Friday.
13. Dogsit for our neighbor friends one more day. Done!
14. Blog for the fun of it!I must! I am addicted!
15. Catsit for my Mother-in-law.Currently...
16. Work in my part time job and see to client needs there.Daily
We will see what else comes up. There will be very little down time...but if all of these things get done, I will be doing a "happy dance" and relaxing next week.

IF I happen to be a little bit scarce this week...this would be why!

Have a wonderful day today!

Your Friend,


Tracy said...

WOW--that is a full week ahead for you, Becky...Sounds like you could use a body double ;o) Hope all goes well and you get it all done with grace. Happy week ((HUGS))

Mrs. Rabe said...

Busy, busy...well at least I will get to see you at Bowling, co-op planning meeting, and co-op.

See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

#14 should be a priority!!