Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Happy Scrapper

Remember that little trip to Lititz that the Moms' and I took before Christmas? Apparently, I looked with desire at a certain Scrapbooker's cabinet at Ceanna Rita's because on Christmas Day I received a card from my Mother in Law stating that we were going to go back to Lititz and pick out one of those cabinets.

Yesterday was the day...Georgia and I loaded ourselves into her truck and went off in search of the perfect cabinet with cute little drawers to hold papers, stickers and other scrapping essentials.

I need to say that Mom also got me a huge travel scrapping bag this year for Christmas. So...I have no excuses! I need to get scrapping!

It was so fun to walk into Ceanna Rita's and walk straight to the cabinets. There really was very little debate because only one of the cabinets had a deeper drawer at the bottom. This seemed like the perfect setup. I can just picture my cutting accessories fitting in there very nicely.

Georgia and I went around to some of the shops again. We found some that we did not have time to visit the last time and then had mocafes in a wonderful little coffee shop. We sat in the front window and watched the quiet little town enjoying the winter break from the hustle and bustle of tourists. We felt very wanted in every little shop!

Back to the cabinet...I have not completely decided where this beauty is going to live yet. There are a couple of choices. Both involve moving other things... one possibility involves moving a dog crate downstairs and I am just not sure that Kimmy is ready for a change of levels. So, most likely this will be my new bedside stand with a pretty lamp and a couple of girly things to go with the pretty lamp...and most likely a Lacy doily.

All of this will have to wait until after this weekend. Just too much going on to play...

If you have one of these I would love to know how you have yours set up. What did you put in the drawers and is it functioning well for you?

See You later!


Elijah's Mommy said...

That is such a beautiful place to keep your scrapping stuff! I looks like it would make a wonderful side table.
I"ll have to come back and read your marriage and money posts. This week has been busy but I definatly want to read what you wrote!

the feathered nest said...

Grea place keep scrap booking stuff but also useful for other things. What a lovely & generous gift!


Terri and Bob said...

You lucky duck. That's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! And I am so jealous you got to go to Lititz!!

I can smell Wilbur's! MMMMMmmmmm

I am waiting for someone to move out to make a craft/computer room so I am waiting on things to buy. But, I love getting good ideas from here and there!!

Tori said...

Oh I really like it. So versitile. If you ever get bored with scrapping you could use it for lots of other things, it's lovely! What a special gift.

Becky K. said...

Melissa...hope you get to enjoy your company and aren't wearing yourself out...Thanks for popping in!
Paula...the smell of chocolate in Lititz is heavenly. I don't understand how the natives aren't all really heavy. It would seem you could just inhale calories!
Thanks to everyone who commented on my little treasure.

Becky (who is supposed to be finishing up dinner for 8 right about now!) :-)

Alicia said...

How fun!!! Its such a nice place to store scrapping things!! Enjoy!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I am SO jealous!! I need one of those so very stuff is spilling all over the place!