Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Changes are happening...

Sometime, long ago, I mentioned that when my
husband goes out of town on business I get
inspired to get as much done as possible.

"Little" projects that I may otherwise
put on hold for fear of his
"gentle guidance" during the process.
Our work styles are different.
Once completed, however,
he is fine with most of my projects.

I find, therefore, that we are both
much more satisfied
if these projects happen
from start to finish
in his absence.

For example,
one time while he was gone
for a week,
I took down every last window shutter
and painted them.
Oh, was I sorry about halfway through that project
but they were back on the house
a good hour
before he arrived home.

This serves a few purposes:
I am occupied and not as lonely,
Things get done that normally would not
and... he doesn't really like to go away
for fear of what I may do
while he is gone!
See the logic?
You'll only get that
if you are as crazy as I am!

As he is more than likely checking this
blog to see what I am up to,
I will have to be a bit sneaky in the
progress you get to see, as well...
but the boys were put to good use yesterday...

Today, I hope to patch the damage
to the drywall that happened because of
the type of border the previous owners had used.
It was a self-stick and while most of it
just pulled right off there were a few
spots that held on to the paper layer of the drywall.

Dear Mrs. Rabe of Creekside Cottage,
is planning to come
and help me with this
project later today.
We have shelves to paint and
design to consider.

I'll take pictures...
we'll see when I post them.
If they reveal too much of the
project they may have to wait.

Hope you'll check back and let me know what
you think as this project rolls along.

Here is an idea of the color palette:

I will be using these things
in the freshly painted room,
along with others of similar hue.
The wallcolor is the taupe of the
Williamsburg Pottery seen here.
I have a small collection of these little guys
and will be displaying them
on a freshly painted shelf...
We will see.
I am sure some of my ideas won't
work out exactly as
I picture them so I will be flexible.

Have a great day!
I am off to teach the children!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't get to have Dee's help, she lives too far away!!!

Maybe after our Hawaii trip, the painting will begin!! We will be inspired by all the green and pretty flowers!!

Alicia said...

Looks like you got yourself into a good project!!! Have fun painting! Painting is so wonderful because it can turn a blah room into a beautiful one!!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I can't wait to see the finished product....

Felicia said...

LOL Well I've got to say that your method of home improvement is VERY similar to mine and for the very same reasons :) But my sweetheart doesn't go away very often so I must squeeze in one hour projects here and there!