Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Home...

The home is a place to feel at peace
a refuge from the rush of life.
As things have been so busy lately
I find myself wanting more time at home.

I want to nestle on a soft and comfy couch
to snuggle with a child... or three.
To cook up some delicious fare
in the kitchen of my dreams...
Mine will do - for now.

I yearn to sit and read read for fun.
I read a lot every day...
from school books,
history, literature, science
...and more.
But, to read a novel for the joy...
this is something I would do galore.

To take the time to plan out meals
then shop and chop and slice and cook!
This is something to strive to improve
so that my family looks forward, with joy
to meals that may be simple or may be
fancy..but either way that say..I love you!

I long for time to deep clean.
To take out every last little thing
in every cupboard and nook and cranny.
To wipe and dust and sort and shine.
I want that just moved in feeling, again.
This is my dream.

I want to provide that nest that says
come home my little ones. Come home to
Momma, who loves you so.
A warm and inviting space to which my husband
rushes to each day...after working so hard.
A place of comfort, love and respect.
This is my goal.

I want this home to be focused on...
our faith...
and our family!

While I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions...if I were to make one it would be this...that our home's appearance and atmosphere would reflect the love that is found inside it! I have not been at my best at these things over the past couple of years. I am striving to do better. Many of you fellow bloggers have been a huge inspiration. Thank You!


Terri and Bob said...

I think your home is lovely! I love the photo you highlight in your blog title. I don't think you give yourself enough credit!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Today, I deep cleaned Kyle's room! I moved his furniture and vacuumed - I need to work on his shelves as to what to put up on the one that goes around his room. It feels good to start the New Year off freshing my cottage!

Mrs. Rabe said...

oops, I meant freshening!

Alicia said...

Becky, what you have just described is something I think we would all love and should try hard to do!

Miss Paula said...

Guess what my two sons and husband and Kaitlin did yesterday???

Cleaned out the garage. OH MY! I have never seen it like this. I had to go through some stuff so this set my back pain back some!! Alicia and I were both had heat on our backs!!

Becky K. said...

O.k. so now all of you are getting things done and I am making bigger messes. Oh well, we had a great fellowship meal here today and I am so glad we did. Our service was one of the best we have ever had too.
God is so good!
Becky K.