Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Human Contact!

What would we do in life without good friends?
I am so thankful for mine.
Just in the course of the day yesterday
I heard from or talked to:
Deanna, Dawn, Marla, Nora, Susan, Belinda, Jill...Homeschool meeting
Jon, Mike, Steve, ....church business
Shelley...by phone
Mom, Georgia....my advisors and mentors
Judy, Amanda......neighbors
Paula, KJ, Tracy...my blog friends
Marie, Beth Ann, Tracey...CHALC Business
Warren, Jonathan, Mikey, Chelsea...my family
Several familiar faces at the doctor's office after I did a very stupid thing and got a terrible cat scratch, well, several cat scratches.

I am sure that I am forgetting some phone call or someone. These are just the contacts from yesterday...really, isn't that cool? Human contact is vital to my survival.

Do you feel the same? Are you a friend gatherer? How important are friendships to you? I'm amazed and curious about those who don't seem to need people. Where does their energy come from? Obviously we are all different...

Once, many moons ago, I was an Avon Rep. I delighted in welcoming new reps and encouraging them in their new endeavor. Our manager at the time was so funny as she said one day, "Becky, your title should be, Friendship Ambassador to the World".
I am claiming that title. I would truly love to be that and hear peoples' stories. I love to watch people and learn about them. If I am in a hospital cafeteria or waiting room, I wonder, what it is that those around me are going through.
Everyone has a story.

My husband finds it both amusing and frustrating.
We cannot go anywhere that if I don't see someone I
already know, I'm chatting with strangers.
It is just me!
I love people!

SO, bring on the stories, tell me about your life...
I am, after all,
Friendship Ambassador to the World!


Mrs. Rabe said...

You are an excellent Friendship Ambassador to the World! You are very kind and caring.

I am so sorry about your cat scratches! I will be afraid to see them today, but we are delighted for Georgia and Charlie!

Elijah's Mommy said...

Hello Friendship Ambassador to the World! What a great title! Sounds like a huge but great job! =)
I hope your scratches heal soon.

Alicia said...

I truly do treasure my friends, but I will say that it is so hard to come by TRUE friends! When I find them I thank the Lord! My husband and I have been going to a bible study for the past couple of months and I will tell you, we have met some amazing lifelong friends!!!

Gayla said...

Oh, you are so good a choice for Friendship ambassador. What would be do without our friends?

Anonymous said...


Well you are to me and I haven't met you yet. But I know Dee is your friend so all is good.

I am so like you. I talk to everyone and strike up a conversation wherever I go and my family just ROLLS their eyes. I think I get more joy out of meeting strangers!!

I can say I have a good friend here and one in PA. I have other's who are dear to me but having had trust issues, I am somewhat hestitant. I know everyone and everyone knows me, but it is the couple I cherish the most.

When I meet you I know I can add you to the list!!