Monday, January 7, 2008

The heat is on...

Nope, it's not exactly hot outside
but it is supposed to get into the
60's this week. This is crazy
...but wonderful.

I have that guilty feeling that it
is my fault....
You see, I still haven't planted all of my
Spring bulbs.

But now, if this weather is for me
and I do plant the
bulbs will it get cold?

Crazy isn't it the thoughts that
sneak into our brains?
Don't you love how we can so
quickly assume that every thing that
happens in life is about us!
Even when we know, intellectually, that this
cannot be the case.

Oh, perhaps I assume too much.
Maybe you never do that.
But then again, maybe you do it too.

If you have been reading this blog
you know that our church is going through changes.
They are not easy...
There are sooo many unknowns and we are finding
many things out about ourselves and others
that we worship with that help us to realize
that everyone comes from a different place.
We have different pictures of how we want our
new church to be.

We are in the process of refining and planning...
It is interesting, but hard at times.
I relate it to my candlemaking.

When we pour a gel candle there are naturally
occurring bubbles thoughout the gel.
Often that is what we want, such as a beverage
candle in a stem. The bubbles make it so pretty.

Occasionally, however, we do not want
bubbles in the candle.
Do you know how you get rid of the bubbles?
You set it in the oven at a low heat...
The bubbles will rise up out of the gel and it will
be crystal clear.

Our church, right now, appears to have been set
in the oven.
The bubbles (differences) are rising to the
surface where they are being dealt with
and our goals are being made clear.
We are being refined.
Not fun! But necessary if we are to begin anew
as a viable and vibrant ministry.

Are you in the refiner's oven right now?
If so, count it all joy
because it is a sign that Someone cares enough to
want you crystal clear.


Anonymous said...

Refiner's fire!! As I read your words that is what I thought. God refines and calls us to do what He wants. Sounds like you all are doing what Susanna over in the UK are doing. Having a week of prayer for the church. God wants unity and not division and it sounds like you are looking to the Lord for your journey!

KJ said...

I know this heat well! We have been walking through this refinement for most of 2007 and we continue even now. The end results are so worth it, but the process is UGH!

In the last 3 years our church suffered the consequences of a pastor's infidelity. Our new pastor really has God's heart and he is a true shepherd. The enemy did everything he could to divide the house and he failed. The people who stayed are there because they want to be. We are growing, thriving, and experiencing God's faithfulness!