Friday, October 7, 2011


I've been hearing geese.
Lots of them.
They are gleaning each evening in the 
field across the street.  

They are amazing to watch as they come
a bit closer to us each day. 
Very methodical as they started at the 
top of the hill 

and have now eaten about
halfway down .....
can't wait to see if they are back today.

The corn was cut just over a week ago
and I guess even today's technology isn't
pristine.  So the geese are happy!

I should walk down to the local pond
and see if they are hanging out there too.

It is so nice to have them visit but in areas
where they live it is pretty nasty to walk...
if you know what I mean.

Oh!  And I am hoping to get some 
sweet swan photos today.
I found a pond that I can 
get to where they are living.

Who doesn't enjoy a crisp
Fall evening....
wait, Georgia, don't answer
that.  Summer will be back before we know it!

The smoke bush.
Strutting its smokey "flower".

 Nothing came of these clouds
but they tried their best to 
look ominous.

Such pretty colors
in the Autumn sky.

If you look carefully
you'll see the geese headed out 
to their next destination.

Please don't forget to promote the Purple Dress Project 
Fundraiser to fight Crohn's Disease!

Thanks so much to Buttercup (Counts Her Blessings) for writing a post
and to those who promoted it on Facebook!!
We've sold two candles so far.
I know this will go up as more people 
learn about it and as we get closer to Christmas.
What a wonderful gift for that person who
appreciates good causes.
They get a sweet, sweet candle as well 
as the satisfaction that money
has been given in their name as well.

One more thing....
My friend, Susanna and a friend are 
holding an online auction for another family adopting
from Eastern Europe.
You can find the auction at
this blog, Hidden Treasures, and there you can 
find a $75 gift certificate 

Everything starts at $5.
Hope you'll pop by and take a peek.
So many good causes...
limited funds.
But, if everyone does a little bit
it adds up to greatness.

Have a great day!!


Elena said...

We love to watch and hear the geese in the fall here too! Lovely photos.

Bella Vista said...

Becky, your pictures of the geese are wonderful. They are so magical to me.

I love to sit and listen to the blackbirds in the cypress trees during these time.

Happy weekend.
Barb ♥

Vee said...

I heard geese leaving yesterday as I raked the lawn. I'm shocked that they've made such good time. ;>

Oh I read something about swans in this post. I sure hope that you can get some swan photos because I so want some notecards. ☺