Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chatting Here

Just another rainy day in Lancaster County.
Actually they are warning of severe weather 
today.  It seems a bit late in the season for 
severe thunderstorms but what do I know.

Chelsea worked unexpectedly yesterday 
and Mikey applied for a full time job.
Praying that works out if it is supposed to.
Truth is, if he could work full time at 
his current job he would never, ever leave.
It is a fabulous place to work and his boss
it wonderful.

The way this possible job came about it 
interesting.  He was working on Saturday
when a neighbor whom we have only spoken
with in passing as our dogs run barking at his
dog invited Mikey to apply to work in the 
department he manages, the warehouse.
He said it is hard to find people who really want 
to work......
Well, Mikey loves to work!
He especially loves to work for decent pay 
and benefits.
It pays to do a job well....
Mikey is experiencing the fruits of this now
by being noticed.

Anyway, I told you that because I was going to 
say that both in taking Chelsea to work and in 
driving with Mikey and Jonathan to the potential
employer the weather was great!
The views absolutely gorgeous.
I have to say that this isn't the most brilliant 
Fall we've had, but it is gentle and sweet.

We passed a long line of beech trees
where the power company had trimmed the branches
back from power lines exposing the 
tall white trunks. 
This may be the first time the power company's trimming
has improved the looks of a landscape.
But it was truly stunning!!

I also enjoyed spending time with my 
friend, Mindy, yesterday.
She came and hung out while I worked
on three dozen pumpkin pie spice candles.
It was good to catch up with her!

Tomorrow the Heartsy deal begins.
You'll be able to get $21 in candles for just 
$10 if you buy one of their vouchers.

Oh my!  
I got interrupted while writing this 
because the VIP Heartsy orders are rolling in.
Have to run!
If you want to know more just
go to



Vee said...

Why do I get the feeling that we'll not be seeing much of you?

Isn't it wonderful when jobs come to us and we don't have to go looking? Fantastic opportunity for Mike!

jAne said...

busy busy terribly busy
more than a bumble bee
more than an ant!

praying for God's absolute
best for Mikey!

Theresa said...

Sounds like a great opportunity, I'll be praying! HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Mikey is seeing the fruit of diligence!

So are you....get those candles made girl!