Friday, October 7, 2011

Saturday at Willow Valley....

I am looking forward to the day 
at Willow Valley's Fall fest

Hopefully I will remember to take the 
camera and I can show you 
my display and things.
But, knowing how the morning 
of a show goes....
no promises.

See you all later.
Thanks for stopping in even though I 
have been terrible at commenting as I like to.
I've been a bit busy.
In a good way.

Hope you are well.
I would sure love it if you would
leave a note and just let me know what is new with 


jAne said...

you've always been a busy gal, ever since i first "met" you here in blog land. hoping this weekend will be sweet to you - and you'll actually catch a few winks of rest. :o)

i'm getting rocky and i ready for a week away .. to oregon. he has business and i'm tagging along. we'll take a couple extra days and check out sisters, oregon, too. i'll be getting together with some portland area bloggy ladies!


Vickie said...

Hi Becky - hope your "fest" goes well tomorrow and I hope you SELL OUT!!!

We have two area fests tomorrow, one in Lindale - the Country Fest (that's where Miranda Lambert is from) and also Mineola, right down the road, - the Gypsy Market. Arts and crafts and music, and street vendors and food, and more food and games and more FOOD! If I can drag hubby down there, I will! Have fun!

Carol said...

If I lived in your neck of the woods I would be there in a heart beat! Believe it or not the candle in the green mug is already gone! Hubby loved it too!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Mom wants to come to the show - I am trying to decide if I want to interrupt the day to do it....


Vee said...

Well, when you get a chance, visit. It's picture intensive and not many words.

I really, really hope that we get to see your set-up at the Fall Fest!