Monday, October 3, 2011

Progress In the Adoption of Katerina

Yesterday after our fellowship meal 
at church my friend, Susanna, gave a presentation
detailing the journey their family has traveled
since finding out they were expecting a child
with Down Syndrome.

From the grief that came greatly from
lack of the unmeasurable love
that little Verity has brought into their home,
and up to the unexpected journey toward
the adoption of Katerina.

The adoption is yet to be realized
but our faith and hope is in the Lord
for the completion of His work.

If you recall, this family has ten biological
children.  Their reasons for adoption are not the 
ones we would most often think of.
However, the reasons are strong, real, powerful 
and most importantly God led.

At some point I hope that Susanna will 
once again be able to be very open and share
more of her experiences on her blog again.
After her time at the orphanage it became
necessary for her to eliminate all references
to the places and people she encountered.
Hearing her stories can do nothing but build
your faith in our Lord.
He is alive and working to save the lives of
these abandoned children.
Of all of the posts Susanna has written,
For me it shows and tells
everything we need to know
in photos and just a few words.
I'd love it if you would pop over and 
read it.
When you do try to remember that
this little baby of a girl is 
nine years old.

We may actually get to meet Katerina
in person this month or next.
How exciting is that????
While this will be most encouraging and 
exciting for us it will mean that this darling 
girl will have to endure much trauma and 
fear.  Please pray that God pours down 
His grace into her life and that she can 
experience peace instead of fear.

Also, her state of malnutrition is so severe
that she will go directly into a hospital upon 
her arrival.  Please pray that she responds well to 
the care and that her nutrition can be restored
in a very safe way.
After walking the road of Anorexia with Chelsea
this past year I have a whole new appreciation
and understanding of the importance of 
care in this regard.


Theresa said...

Oh I pray that sweet little beauty gets to come to live with this loving family AND SOON:) Thanks for sharing their story! I know that LOVE is what she needs and they have plenty in that family to share with her! Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Vee said...

Thank you for the updates. I am not surprised that your friend has had to be more careful. It's a dangerous situation. The Lord is at work and that we can trust. Continue to keep us informed as it helps us know how to pray.

Susy said...

This is truly an example of God's Love at work.

Persuaded said...

Oh Becky, I just got chills up and down reading this post. God bless this little darling and her entire new family♥

Mrs.Rabe said...

It's amazing to see what God is doing in the lives of these children...

It is so special to share this journey with them....