Monday, October 17, 2011

Late Night Feedings

Not for a baby.
We are all out of those.

For teen boys.
Ours and their friend.

On slider buns.

That's the way they like it.
With Cheese, Honey mustard, 
ketchup and
spicy mayo.

I like making them happy and 
hearing their chatter and laughter.

Did you know that my tart molds
can be an example of how a 
transmission works?

I do now.
They were quite impressed with 
the accuracy of the demo.

The things we learn
by serving and loving
the teens and young men who
pass through our doors.

But I think I've learned enough
for tonight.
It is time to sleep!

They'll be fine now that they've 
been fed.


Vee said...

You mean they quiet down enough for you to sleep once they've been fed? Those hamburgers and condiments sound yummy. It's not easy feeding teen boys. They eat a ton as I recall...

jAne said...

the spicy mayo .. especially. :o)

you're busy!

Theresa said...

I bet they LOVE hanging out at your house:) Enjoy!!!! HUGS!

Susy said...

You're a good mom (: xo

Vickie said...

And can they put away the groceries!!! I know - I always had the kids at my house! We had huge grocery bills when all those boys would come over! But I loved every single minute! I know you do, too, Becky!