Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Still Here....Really, I Am....

Jonathan thought I was nuts to stop in the rain for this picture.  I'm not is gorgeous!

Oh, dear friends, what a ride this whole candle season 
is turning out to be!  Since I started my Etsy shop I have
shipped packages at least once a week, often three or 
four times a week.  I am so blessed by the response there.

I have easily tripled my fund raiser work this year and am 
actively looking for an off site location to make candles.
Yes, my business is growing that much and quickly.

Last evening one of the public school fundraiser coordinators
asked if she could invite two other groups to join them in 
their fund raiser.  I gulped, turned white...told Warren...and
he said, "The answer is YES!".  

Oh. My.
My belly is in a happy uproar 
at all of this excitement.

Later this week I will run a Heartsy Deal
in my shop which will likely generate a lot
of new customers.  It is like Groupon
but for Etsy.  I hope you'll take advantage of 
it if you've been thinking of trying my candles
but haven't done so yet.  It runs for VIP's on 
Wednesday...if you buy a VIP pass you pay
$10 and get a $31 voucher for my shop.
On Thursday the regular Heartsy members
will pay $10 and receive a $21 voucher for
Good Neighbors Candle Co. on Etsy.

I take regular breaks to take kids to 
doctor appointments, work and .....

Yep!  It has to happen regularly or 
a certain someone gets cranky.
Its not me.
But one I love dearly and she 
pays for her own addiction so
I am willing to enable her for now.

Oh!  And she is learning to drive.
She does very well and hopes to 
be much more independent in 
You know, the month with all of 
the snow and ice around here?
Yep!  That month.
I'm in denial.
Its easier.

I understand, now better than ever, 
why God led by example and rested 
on the seventh day.
It is good for us.
Not always easy to just stop
but definitely wise to do as He did.

So....I saw Courageous for the third
time last night.
Am I crazy?

Warren hadn't seen it yet
and he needed to.
Mrs. Rabe and Emma came along.
Last Sunday night I had seen it 
with their family and Chelsea.

I went with our Moms during the week.

So...really it is not ALL about candles here.
Just mostly.

This is why I haven't posted much.
Not a lot to share that you'd even care about.
But, I wanted to check in and say that 
I miss you!
Love the customer/blog reader connections
that have been experienced over the past 
few weeks.


Vee said...

It is a beautiful picture. You do have a lot going on! It all sounds good, too. Would you believe that Courageous is NOT playing at our theater? Hmmm...

Susy said...

I'm SO happy about your candle business. As a former retailer it always blesses me to hear success stories. I also took my hubby to see Courageous, and he referenced to it for several days afterward - made an impact.

Vickie said...

Hi Becky! I wondered where you've been, ?BUT it's been a good thing - obviously! I'm proud for all your new business! Such a blessing for you and your family!

Well, I would definitely keep a "certain someone" happy with her Starbucks. We wouldn't her to be cranky!

I have not seen Courageous yet, but have heard so much about it - will have to check it out!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your success! It's easy to understand why everyone loves you candles because I sure do!

Love your leaf picture!


Elena said...

That is so awesome that your candle business is busy and doing well. I love the leaf picture. It is beautiful!

Persuaded said...

Wow! I am so tickled that your candle business is doing so well! But honestly, I'm not at all surprised... yours are the very best candles out there (and as you know I am a candle snob;-})

BTW, I'll be in your neck of the woods from Thursday the 27th (evening) until Sunday the 30th (morning) and I really really really MUST get together with you.... maybe even more than once, lol. Let's arrange a phone chat sometime soon (promise not to talk your ear off like I did the last time;-)

Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, so glad about your candle business. I know you are thrilled.

The leaf picture is gorgeous....peaceful, reflective, timeless.

Have a blessed day!
Barb ♥

RobinfromCA said...

The photo is gorgeous! Congrats on such a successful business! You are juggling a lot right now bless your heart!


Melissa G. said...

The leaf picture is beautiful! Definatly worth the stop in the rain. =)

Whoohoo, you're doing the Heartsy Deal. How exciting!

Buttercup said...

What great news! Thanks for the information about Heartsy. This will be lots of fun.