Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Excellent Day at A Fall Fest and Waiting for the Moms

Well, if you can believe it I got to the Fall Fest this 
morning, parked and went to find the lady in charge.
When I found her she walked me to my 
assigned spot.  
Directly under a huge weeping willow tree.
She explained that she had walked the path
yesterday afternoon to see where I could be
and not worry about the sun melting the candles.
Wasn't that sweet?
I totally thought so.
I'll be visiting her next week with a 
little thank you gift!

Anyway, I got unloaded and sold my first
candle even before the official starting time.
Thanks, Bill from Baltimore!
Then during a brief lull I turned to take a photo
of the view across the lake and through
the willow branches.
The frame was all loaded and was going to 
be beautiful.  You were going to love it.
I did.
No camera card.
WHY do I do that????
I know better. 
I was worried about the batteries but totally 
forgot the card.

Oh well.
I didn't make you promises.

It was a very good day.
Sales were about average but some
other things happened that I am anxious to 
share with you.

We'll have to see how they play out.

The Moms are on their way home from
Guatemala.  They talked to Jonathan
from Miami and by now should be 
in the air toward Pennsylvania.

I am sure they will be tired and have 
a lot to share.
We will be happy to have them back
in their own cozy homes.

Warren just returned from a day 
of riding dirt bike on coal piles in Treverton.
He is dirty and in pain from a fall from his bike.
Please pray for Mikey who decided to stay there
but who hasn't been feeling well lately.
I'm concerned about him.
Its time for him to see a doctor.
Whether he likes it or not.


Vee said...

Time to pull your "I'm the Mom Power."

What a sweet story about being under the willow tree. I'm sure that the lady will be pleased with her gift and probably will protest, but this is how you'll get under the willow tree next year, too. ☺

Sounds as if you're going to have much to report on in the next few days. I'll be all ears.

Susy said...

Hey Becky ~ thanks for stopping by and leaving a note (: You always look for the best in people and situations; a great attribute. Hope you're enjoying a fall-ish weekend. xo

Mrs.Rabe said...

Can't wait to hear all about it!


Bella Vista said...

Becky, you definitely have a full life....and such a sweet one.

Happy and blessed Sunday, dear friend.

Barb ♥

Elena said...

I'm so glad you had a good day at the Fall Fest. I hope your son and Warren get to feeling better.