Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Need Your Help!

Nearly four years ago I met a very special lady
right here in blogland.  I have yet to meet her in person
but maybe one day that will happen too.

Terri is a loving wife, mother and elementary school principal.
Who would have thought that a homeschool mom and 
a public school principal could be friends?
Its easy...Terri rocks!

Anyway, Terri's daughter Ashley suffers from 
Crohn's Disease and she has decided not to take
it quietly. 
In April of this year Ashley began a fund raiser called
The Purple Dress Project.
You can read more about it at her blog....

Our family has also seen Crohn's
at its worst in Warren's cousin.
He was hospitalized just last month
once again with a terrible attack.

A young boy in our neighborhood has recently 
been diagnosed.
We feel a connection to these three people
in one way or another and wish to support 
them by raising money for research and treatments.

I will donate half of the price of certain limited edition
French Lavender Candles to Ashley's Purple Dress Project.
My friend and fellow Etsian, Elisabeth Arona Walsh has
donated her talents in creating the artwork featuring 
Ashley's Purple Dress.
Story explained on her blog.....A Hasty Life

will go to my Etsy shop.

Still wondering how you can help?
I'll bet you thought I was going to ask you to 
purchase a candle?
Well, if you want to that would be great, 
but, even better would be to spread the word.
If you wouldn't mind grabbing your favorite photos
and either write a blog post, put it on your side bar, 
let your facebook friends know or twitter it.
Whatever you can do to let others know 
that they can help it would be great.
You can link them to 
my Etsy Shop.....
The fund raiser candles are easy to spot.

You can make a difference in the lives of 
Ashley, Logan and our cousin BJ
as well as the others like them.

If you are willing
I thank you.

As do Terri, Ashley and Elisabeth.


Buttercup said...

Great cause. I'll be doing a post tomorrow to spread the word.

Vickie said...

Be glad, too, Becky! What a nice gesture of you - you have such a caring heart!

Persuaded said...

You are such a sweetie Becky♥ Yes, I'd love to post this on my FB page... if I can figure out how to do that (I'm such a social media ninja;-})

Vee said...

Thank you for bringing this fundraiser to my attention. I know Terri (in Blogdom) and I feel as if I know Ashley, too. Let me see what I can do...

Theresa said...

What a sweet thing to do! Your heart is huge! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Lizzi said...

This is awesome. can't wait to see how it sells. Thanks for linking me up!

Nezzy said...

What a lovely gesture. One of my coworkers at school had Crones Disease...

God bless ya and have an incredible day!!!

Melissa G. said...

I posted on facebook.