Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Just Might Be Losing It....

Never mind the fact that I cleaned my kitchen until,
well, lets just say late, 
last night....

And then I was up at six
this morning attacking the 
tub and shower 
with nauseatingly strong cleaner
points to one of two 
either the baby is due any minute,
or ...
and this is the most likely one....
given that hysterectomy a few years back...
I have had enough!

Enough of the mess.
I can turn a blind eye for way longer
than most....
but it is always there.
That monkey on my shoulder.

But then I saw this.
And I totally lost it in mirth.
A new decor.

Making a mental note to ask if anyone actually uses that Old Spice.

Sure to be a fad!
A beautiful razor holder!!
I never thought it could be functional too!!

Isn't this what you put candle holders out
there for?

The fact that I found this blogworthy 
at all should give you cause for 

But, never fear....
I'm way more fun this way!!
Just ask my kids.


Theresa said...

I had enought yesterday too and did major clutter cleaning:) I love the razor holder:) Have a blessed day, get some rest! HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

The fact that you are a candlemaker and that your candle holder is empty brings to mind that old saying about the cobbler whose children had no shoes....

Carol said...

So Funny, Becky! I think you could tie a fancy ribbon around that razor holder and have a new idea for bathroom decor!

Smiles & Giggles,

Susy said...

I kinda like it. Functional, yet classy. (:

Marydon said...

Great news for Katerina.

Did you get your candles down to Taneytown yet? I forgot to ask P when I was in. Now is the time ... good luck, Becky.

TY for your sweet comment about our Ansel. He is our jewel for sure.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Vickie said...

haha! Becky that is so funny!You're not losing it! Moms, wives ALWAYS are on brain overload trying to remember EVERYTHING for EVERYONE in their family! Everyone depends on MOM! WE don't have anybody except ourselves! Besides, don't feel bad, I found my milk in the pantry, and I've thrown my good unmentionables in the trash! I'll bet you're in good company!

Amy said...

It must be something in the air! I got up this morning in the same mode, but being Sunday, I decided to just pick up a little bit and then do the major overhauling tomorrow.

Vee said...

Nope, I'm not at all concerned except for one thing. I think all the troops need to be enlisted. Mom should not have to go it alone. You know, I've seen worse things than razors in beautiful glass. Let's see, today it was my hair blower in a puddle of that gave me pause. It's all good; it's all blog fodder!

Ronda said...

I think that it was very blog worthy...cause it made me feel...
well...not so alone...LOL!!!

My home has been in need of my attention in many an area as well. Although...your lovely razor holder is telling me your family needs to lend you a hand at putting their things away, just as my family does. Oh well..this is what mothers are for....

Thanks for making me smile today!!
Have a fabulous day!!!

Bee said...

This reminds me of the time we couldn't find the TV remote. We searched everywhere...we finally found it in the cupboard in the potato chip bag.