Thursday, October 13, 2011

It Was A Risk Worth Taking!

Last week Chelsea and I were coming out of 
the Christmas Tree Shoppes store 
when we were met by two Asian men.

They were smiling and issued an invitation
and tickets to an event scheduled for last evening.
The smiling men said it was a Christmas Cantata
produced and performed by a Korean 
Choir.  They assured us it would be well
worth our time.

There wasn't a lot of information about it
other than a large photo book with lots of 
writing in Korean....
which I pointed out that I couldn't

I did notice that it was to be held in the smaller theater owned
by Sight and Sound and was fairly certain they wouldn't 
allow anything to happen there that wasn't at least safe.
Interestingly enough, I felt compelled to accept tickets 
for Warren, the moms and I.
Now, remember, the Moms were in Guatemala
at that time so I had no idea what they might
say about going.
But, knowing my Mother's love for other cultures
and especially the Korean people I thought she
would be interested for sure.

You see, when I was a teenager,
we taught Sunday School in a Korean church.
I remember those enthusiastic and smiling earnest in song and when listening to 
the lessons.

We knew of the talent that was possible.
I could only hope that this was something wonderful...
or at the very least tolerable.

Well, it was definitely worthwhile.
The choir rolled into Lancaster yesterday morning
with two semi trucks, several vans and cars....
their bus had broken down in Minnesota.

They set up stages and worked out lighting.
They tuned instruments and ran through their
program on a new stage.

Then we arrived.
We were greeted over and over again
and directed to our seats.
Right up front!
I would be thankful for this later.

Then the program began.
With some teen dancers.

It was cute.
We thought that we could sit through
an evening of aerobics on the stage.
The music was happy Christmas music.

But then came the first of five sets.
An orchestra and choir.
Now, before this had begun the emcee had 
let it be known that every sound we heard was recordings of anything. only now occurred to me that this means 
the choir was singing for the dancers and that the 
orchestra was playing even then.
In our world of recorded music I just assumed
that they were dancing to "canned" music.

There is no way for me to explain to you 
the professionalism of this group.
It was beyond anything I have witnessed live.
The tones were perfect.
Absolutely perfect pitches, breath control and 
instrumental expertise.

I told Warren on the way home that I am not 
easily star struck to the point of wanting to meet 
someone...but I really wanted to shake the hand of the 
conductor.  WOW!!  The music genius there.!!

They shared the Christmas story in a way that was beautiful
and touching.  I couldn't help but notice that I had never 
seen an all Asian cast performing the Nativity before.
It was beautiful.
They sang songs of hope before and then celebration
after the Christ child was born.

Children of the group members performed
two very adorable dances.
Bringing smiles and laughs by their
antics and then loud applause
and giggles as some of them got caught by the
dropping curtain.  
Too precious!!

There was a very funny sketch about the joy 
of Christmas.
The talents of the group stretched beyond the music.
They can ACT!  
We were laughing so hard at their antics!

Oooh...there is the director.  My hero!
Isn't she sweet?
Made me think of my former music student, Abigail,
who also plays the cello.

We were a much different venue than this group is used
to.  They have sung in the Sydney Opera House and 
Madison Square Gardens.
This was apparently an exploratory event to set up 
for another visit next year.
Am I ever glad we were at the Christmas Tree Shoppes 
when we were.
I'm still trying to wipe the silly grin from my face that 
we were able to enjoy this amazing event.

The message of the gospel was crystal clear 
as they shared in song and then as a Korean Pastor 
from New York preached through an interpreter
to close the evening.

The Gracias Choir is a part of 
International Youth Fellowship.
I'm going to learn more about them....

If you happen to notice that they are coming to 
a city near you....
Please, please take my word for it 
and go.
We were their last stop this year.
But they plan to come back next year.
I can't wait!


myeuropeantouch said...

Oh how wished I could have been there Becky....I so love Music and a singer myself.
What a treat this must have been too you allllllll♥

luvncrafts said...

Looks like a really great time!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Vee said...

How very exciting! Since there are no accidents, your evening was God-ordained. You told about this performance so well that if I ever do hear about this group performing locally, I will make every attempt to see them. Isn't it incredible? How are they traveling? Under what sponsorship (other than the Lord's)?

Becky K. said...

This is a web site by International Youth Fellowship....they are doing some very good work.

Vickie said...

Wow, aren't you glad ya'll went to this concert! That looks amazing, Becky - I'll have to keep my eye out for them next year. Wonder if they come to Texas?

Anonymous said...

What a joyful event - I am so glad that you were able to attend!
Wishing you a lovely week, Becky!

Elena said...

Wow, that looked amazing! I would of loved to have seen it!

Anonymous said...

I will never grow tired of the discipline of the asian cultures. If Americans were half as disciplined we could certainly rise above. The children of the asian cultures learn what school should really be about. It's not a 7 hour a day babysitting club. Then you add their obvious talents of the arts. WOW. You were very blessed to have received these tickets. You were meant to have them. I would have loved this. You add Christ into the mix and it had to be wonderous. Hugs. tammy

Mrs.Rabe said...

That sounds wonderful!


MYSAVIOR said...

I am so glad to have been able to get into your blog! You are so blessed to have seen this. I would love to see it if it does come around.


ZudaGay said...

Oh, this looks absolutely wonderful!! I would love to have the privilege of seeing this production.

Tracy said...

WOW! What a blessing to be in the right place at the right time!

I'm amazed this is the last show for the year with it being a Christmas show, and it being only October. Also, I'm curious as to the size of the crowd. Did they do well as far as attendance?

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Sounds like a delightful experience! I love the girls red and green dresses with the white fur collars.

Persuaded said...

Oh this looks so wonderful! We have had a group of Korean singers/instrumentalists come to our little church on occasion and they were absolutely fantastic. I almost wonder if they weren't connected with this group you saw... Thanks so much for sharing all the pics☺

Theresa said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening! I know you are happy that you went! I will certainly keep an eye out for them! Have a blessed evening dear Becky, HUGS!

Kelly said...

Next time, think of us and let us know so we can go. We would have loved this. We had a Korean exchange student a few years ago! It looks like a wonderful evening.