Saturday, October 29, 2011

No One Thought of It....

I am so disappointed.
Yesterday was so exciting and fun.
Yet, there was something missing.
Very missing.

You see, yesterday afternoon Mrs. Rabe
and I made a trek to Harrisburg to meet 
a special lady.  We went to meet Diane, 
who writes the Tomato Soupcake Blog.

We arrived and I left her a voice mail
telling her that we had arrived and that she 
should come and find us in the lobby.
She did.
We met with laughter and hugs.
She is exactly what I was expecting
her to be.
A bundle of love.

So warm.

Oh, a tiny bit of what Heaven will
be....all of these dear friends from across
the globe meeting and sharing our love of 
Jesus and each other.

The three of us sat and chatted for 
nearly two hours.
It was great.
Finally, we knew Diane needed to 
get back to her events at the 
Relevant Convention.
I also needed to take Mrs. Rabe
back home so she could complete
her tasks to get ready for a family trip.

We got up,
we walked arm and arm to the car.
We wished that we lived closer so that 
these kinds of chats could happen 
more often.

We left.

Half an hour later as we drove up
Route 283 I saw some beautiful trees.
That made me think of my camera.
Which led to the random declaration that
we had taken no photos!

Three bloggers and NONE of us had
remembered to take a photo 
of this meeting.

What is the world coming to?
How could this have happened??

Priorities, I guess.
We were just being real.
Loving the meeting and the sharing.

But, just so you know....
Diane said I was "adorable".
I'm pretty sure that was the word she 
used...but you'll just have to take 
my word for it...
'cause there is no evidence.



Melissa G. said...

That's kinda funny that not one of the three of you took any!Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the moment and not worry about documenting it. =)

Karen said...

You ARE adorable-I'll vouch for it!

(I typed a longer message but blogger failed, so I'm quitting with this one now.)

Miss you!

Vee said...

There's plenty of evidence that you're adorable! Don't you ever think otherwise. I do believe that bloggers would do well to meet when they have the luxury of time such as you did. That way you can talk about blogging and tips and tricks and whatever your hearts desire. So glad that you three had the opportunity. Oh, one last thing, if you ever forget your camera again...

Gayla said...

What a great day! I guess that means you will all have to meet again soon for another picture-taking opportunity.... Enjoy the final weekend in October! Did you get snow?

Theresa said...

I did that recently too! Met a friend for lunch, started to blog and realized that the camera was NEVER taken out of my bag! Sometimes it is OK to just sit and chat:) I am sure Diane said you were adorable... sure of it! Have a blessed rest of the weekend, HUGS!

Bee said...

You guys without a camera!?! I don't believe it! You never fail to bring a smile to my face, with or without pictures!

Persuaded said...

You know what? You girls hadn't been gone more than 5 minutes when I realized that we hadn't taken any pictures... and the really wierd-crazy-unbelievable thing is that I had my camera with me the whole time! It was right in my purse! I think was just so dazzled by your adorableness that all thoughts of cameras and pictures were banished from my mind;-)