Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Morning!

I've just come inside after taking our Bandit out
for her necessary visit to the yard.

Let me tell you that moments like this are vital
to my survival.  Now, it is not every time that 
I enjoy this duty...but at 6:40am today it was
a very special experience.

There is a light breeze rustling in the trees 
and touching one's face with little fingers,
puffing clean fresh air into the nostrils,
thus cleaning out candle oil weary lungs.

Just to my right a cricket was playing
a song.  It seemed he or she was very 

The horizon was just beginning to show the 
light of a new day.

All was quiet but in the distance
I saw the lights of the local
dairy barn.....
farmers busy at work so early
in the morning.
Then they will send the cows into
the pasture across from me.

Routines so familiar that we rarely
think about...

I'm always sad when the weather turns and
they don't send the cows out each day
and I know Spring is truly here when the
daily exodus begins once again.

I kind of hope Bandit asks to go back
out rather soon.
It is most pleasant out there....
but I have piles of work to do today.
So, I'd best be getting to it.

Maybe you'll be able to take just
a few minutes to step outside....
not headed anywhere.
Just to close your eyes
and breathe.

To be thankful for the beauty and
comfort of God's Creation.


Mrs.Rabe said...

It is lovely outside.

Take time to enjoy the beauty of the day...


Theresa said...

I love mornings and spend many mornings sitting outside... just sitting and thinking:) Our weather is mighty chilly here this morning and the air has been freshened with rain! I believe I will head out and sit on my front porch in my rocking chair, sipping my morning coffee! Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Carol said...

It's 30 degrees here this morning, we turned the fireplace on while we ate breakfast, very cozy. I love mornings like this!


Vee said...

Becky, I was right there with you! Did you know that farmers must be very careful when the cows first go out in the spring? They are so giddy that they sometimes hurt themselves. And I never thought that pouring the candle wax is an irritant to your lungs. How wonderful the cool, fresh air must've been!

Tammy @ The Stitching Coop said...

I TRULY believe these are the moments when we hear God whisper the loudest. I love moments like these and would replicate them all day long if possible.


Don't forget the GIVEAWAY -

jAne said...

it's 53 in my neck of the woods. lovely temp and now keeping a bit cooler later in the day. the leaves are turning and my heart is made happy with this pleasant change, especially so since the other day it was 90 degrees. yipes.

Elena said...

I know what you mean:) I so enjoy the early morning and late night visits to the yard with Mac. I see so many wonderful things in nature.

LV said...

The early morning time is the best for peace and quiet. I just have a hard time getting up to enjoy it.

Bella Vista said...

Lovely, Becky.

This is our first really cool day. It is so special.

Barb ♥