Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our Big Day

Friday began with rehearsal at 8:45 am.
This finished up at 11:30 when we ran some errands
on the way home.

Then it was off to Mom's for an amazing lunch
with my brother, Allan and my sister-in-law, Bev.
You might remember they wrote the Blogger Poem.
Georgia and the boys' friend, Chris, were at the
lunch as well.

Home to get dressed and back to prepare for the
ceremony at 5:45.

The church was a good 45 minutes away so it was
a lot of time on the road. But it was worth it.

There was a moment of worry as Mikey's zipper to
his gown broke. 

Thankfully, just that
morning at rehearsal I had heard the woman
in charge of ordering say that she had ordered extras.
Mikey had two to choose from.
One worked well!

The boys with their friend Chris 

as they prepare
to head in for class photos.

Musicians who played the prelude and
specials throughout the ceremony.

They were excellent!

Finally, it was time to begin.
The class began marching in.

They just kept coming.
All 83 of them!

A Civil Air Patrol Color Guard
 presented the American and Christian
Flags then the congregation sang
The National Anthem....with heart!

The Graduates sang a class song.

There was congregational singing
led by a band of graduates.

One of the graduates gave a wonderful
speech. He is planning to be a Pastor
so it was good to note that his presentation
was well executed. He is well on his way
to being an excellent communicator.

A twenty-five minute video of the grads
from baby to young person. So fun.

The Keynote Speaker.
Dr. Michael Farris.

A very distinguished man.
You may know him as the founder
and chairman of HSLDA, founder
and Chancellor of Patrick Henry
University and as an attorney
he has argued before
 the Supreme Court.
We were so happy when we heard
he would speak at this graduation.

Finally, it was time to give out
the diplomas. My heart began to race.
You see, Mikey had told us that he wanted
to do a back flip as he got his diploma.

I kept saying that he shouldn't.
I mean, what if he missed.
How humiliating would that be???

So, the closer we got to the stage
the more difficulty
I had taking a full breath.

We waited at the top of the steps for our turn to greet
the boys.

Jonathan came first.

Love this big boy.
He offered me a rose in
exchange for his diploma.

Then came Mikey.

He gave me the rose.
He then shoved his cap into
Warren's hands as I said
"Oh No!"

Then executed a perfect
backflip in his dress shoes
and gown.

The crowd erupted in
laughter and applause.

I walked away
shaking my head.

Soon the class was announced,
the flags were removed by the
Color Guard and we found ourselves
in the crush of people in a receiving
line. Awesome.

Our friends and family are so

They really made
it a special evening.

Finally, we headed to Friendly's
where we found other Grad Families.

We closed the place at Midnight.

It was important to get home and to
bed as the boys both have big plans
for today.
Mikey and Warren are off already on
a dirt bike ride.
Jonathan and Uncle Allan will leave
soon for some fly fishing.

Of course, I worry about the dirt bikers.
But...I am still happy that they get to
do something they enjoy so much.

Just a tidbit of something cool that
happened last evening...
A young man who is about to graduate
from Longwood Garden's Professional
Gardener's Program came up to Mikey
and introduced himself. 

Warren just
happened to take a photo of them talking.
I love how God works!!!

Bits of encouragement even here.
Jonathan and Mikey had a very special day
and all of us were exhausted as we fell into
bed early this morning.

Thank you for your well wishes too.
I am very thankful for the opportunity 
to share these special moments.

Now, because we are so blessed
it makes me want to share the blessing.
Would you take a moment to stop by
and read this post....and this one
about a precious child in Iraq
who needs a surgery.
Brin has set up a way that we all can
help....It would mean the world to me
if you did what you could.

Thank You!


Mrs.Rabe said...

It was a really nice graduation! We loved that Mikey did his backflip! Very fun!

You have a few years to go and then it will be Chelsea's turn, unless she graduates really early, like next year with Emily! :)

Annesphamily said...

Congrats to those wonderful grads! What a beautiful post. You made me tear up! Two more years and my baby boy will graduate!

What a blessing you have in such a marvelous family.

Hugs to you! Anne

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Congrats and lots of luck to the boys! This was a lovely post. You described everything so well, I feel like I was actually at the ceremony! Wish I could have seen that back flip, though!

Tracy said...

I loved all of the photos, and hearing about Mikey's backflip. I'm glad he made it, as I'm sure you all are!
Such a proud moment when our children graduate, isn't it? I think it's wonderful that you and warren got to be there on stage handing out the diplomas to your boys.

Vee said...

Brin does good work, doesn't she! As for the backflip, dear mother, this only proves that you can't keep a good man down or that joy is contagious! Yay!

Brittany Ann said...

Congratulations to your boys! And I CANNOT believe he did a back flip! Hysterical! I'd have been worried, but secretly so proud!

JD said...

Congratulations...what a wonderful evening for all of you, and what wonderful photos...You also made me tear up...It's hard typing a comment through tears...Many blessings to you and your family.

Ellen said...

So sorry we missed it. Sounds like it was a great night. Does not surprise me one bit that Mikey did a back flip. I figured he would have road his bike doing a wheelie and grabbing his diploma on his way through. Congrats to both and God Bless

Jerri said...

I bet mama cried just a bit? Graduation day is so bittersweet for me.....I hope you are resting up today.....Thanks for the touching post.


Joyce said...

Congrats to Mikey and the back flip made me SMILE! All the best.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Great pictures, Becky! What an exciting time in your life. Your day sure sounded busy.

Congratulations to the boys!

Barb ♥

AkaPJTheGreat said...

congratulations to the conquerng graduates!

Elena said...

That is awesome Becky! What a wonderful ceremony!!