Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let Us Adore....

The Ever Living God.
And render Praise
Unto Him.

Who spread out the Heavens

and Established the Earth.

And Who's Glory
is revealed in the Heavens above
and who's greatness...
Is manifest throughout the 
whole earth.

He is our God
and there is none else!!!!!
by Debbie Friedman

What more needs to be said?
Let us Adore Him..

Creator God!


Gayla said...

Absolutely beautiful, bold, and true. A lovely, inspirational post! Hugs from Missouri!

Carol said...

God's breathtaking creation is certainly reason to worship and adore Him! I always wonder how people who don't believe in God can look at the beauty of the world and not know that there is a God.


Maurie said...

Wonderful photos of creation testifying to the Creator! You must be an early riser to have visited my blog posted late last night! I am anxious to meet you!