Friday, May 14, 2010

Ten Cent Bowls

Yesterday I bragged showed you
the aprons Mom and I found while at yard sales
last week. One thing I didn't mention and you
can't feel in the photos is the amazing quality
of the fabric on my apron. 
So rich and soft.

At another sale I came across these darling 

little bowls. The color and pattern is
complimentary to the china I inherited from
my Maternal Grandmother.

Here is a photo of that taken a while ago.

So, for a total of fifty cents I own five sweet
little bowls that can hold so many delights.

Personally, I am hoping for more chocolate mousse
as made by my sweet Chelsea. We all were amazed as
we took our first taste last evening. 
It was our weekly dinner with the Grandmas,
Pastor Mike and a long time family friend who is 
visiting my Mom.

This photo is courtesy of


We did go to the store for one very 
important ingredient.
The raspberries.
Oh Yum!

I don't have photos of ours but you can find
 the recipe HERE
Now, Chelsea just used ingredients
we had in the house...
so it wasn't quite as low fat as
this recipe will make. 
If you try it and it doesn't seem
as rich as you want it to be...
use 2 percent milk and
regular whipped cream. 

So... I am thinking that this mousse would
be just as tasty in these little bowls.

We'll just have to test that theory
one of these days.


Mrs.Rabe said...


Those bowls are darling!

jAne said...

sweet finds, Becky. :o)
chocolate mousse - and i wasn't informed before now? hmpfh.


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, just the sweetest little bowls....darling!

Barb ♥

Vee said...

I don't remember ever seeing that's very, very pretty. Glad that they came to live at your house. I bet they're very pretty with chocolate mousse in them, too.

Manuela@TPOH said...

So pretty! I also love your aprons down below. I'm still addicted to GLH books. I have a couple that I must read at least 4 times a year!