Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aprons from a Yard Sale

Last Friday Mom and I went
out to a local neighborhood to check
out many yard sales. It was fun.
Sure, it would have been better had I
felt like myself...but...still.

When I walk up to a yard sale I admit
that I check out the owner of the home.

What kind of person might they be.

You meet some very interesting people
sometimes. I love to strike up conversations
when you get lucky like that.

This was the case at one sale we visited.

The woman was retired.
She was a very refined lady.
An artist with paintings on display.
Felted crafts.
And some very cute aprons.
For $1 each.

We took three.

Two for our house.
One for Mom!

I chose this floral in browns and oranges.
Admittedly not my favorite colors but there
was just something about it...
it was large.
That is necessary.
But it is also very comforting and sweet.

I love the long graceful apron
strings. They make a bow with
fabric to spare.

My favorite for "cute factor" is this
sweet little purple apron.
I picked it up for Chelsea.

I'll admit that it is a direct
result of my blogging habit that
I would even notice aprons.

That, and a wee bit of an addiction
to Grace Livingston Hill books as a

Thanks to those of you who post
about living simply, enjoying
the process of working in the kitchen
and keeping our homes.

You do make a difference.
I am proof of that.


Mrs.Rabe said...

So cute!

I need to make Lindsay's new one...maybe today!

Persuaded said...

*gasp* that purple apron for ONE DOLLAR?? I mean I like the brown apron, but that purple one is just the sweetest thing... hmmm, I'm wondering if I could reproduce something similar. My Louisa would simply adore an apron of that style and color. As a matter of fact I am going to email her the link to your post.... possible birthday present;-)

Anonymous said...

My mom would have liked the brown one because of its size. The purple one is so cute! Chelsea should love it!

jAne said...

Oh what sweet finds, Becky. I'm sure you'll be the talk of the town wearing that pretty little number. :O)

I have a few that my great grandmother made - I don't wear them - I just have them.

Grace Livingston Hill - wasn't introduced to her until I was 20. Then I was consumed. :o)


Brittany Ann said...

I love them! There is nothing sweeter than an apron!

Jerri said...

Oh, that purple one is just beautiful. I would find a way to display it so I could see it every day. I hope you are feeling better......


Andrea said...

Sitka has an award for you at All Gods Creatures.

Vee said...

Now that brown one may have been passed up by many, but I am glad that you took it. The fabric looks as if it would drape flatteringly. It looks like autumn and what delights are baked up in that season! Oh I love GLH books, too. I was always on the look out for a new one. My favorite is The Enchanted Barn...have you read that one? Hope that you are feeling better???

Tracy's corner said...

Great finds. Angel just asked me if I'd buy her an apron!

Sandy said...

Well, the one on the LEFT is my favorite. Perfect for Fall time! How fun! I'm glad I came over for a peek.

Have a great weekend! Love, S

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...


Those are truly fantastic aprons and aprons are so big now.

I saw brand new ones in T.J.Max the other day!


Elena said...

I love those, they are beautiful!

JD said...

Aprons they bring back happy memories...My grandmother in her kitchen baking (and ALWAYS wearing her apron) Aprons that I used to sew. (Mine didn't look as nice as these) and I also enjoyed reading Grace Livington Hill...but that was many years ago when I read some of her books.