Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Tribute

It is nearly 10:00pm, Saturday evening.
I have been reading quietly in the living room
until the booms of a distant firework display
got my attention.

Looking out our large front window I am
unable to see the distinct images of each shell
but the flash and glow of light that correspond
to the booms are visible.

Now, we had passed the site of these fireworks
earlier today so they do not catch me by surprise.
They are part of a Memorial Day celebration.

What did cause me pause was the thought of the
many soldiers over the years who have heard such
noises and seen similar flashes just over the
horizon but with a much more serious meaning.

What would it feel like to know that eternity was
just about to look you in the face as bombs fell and
infantries marched? 
Would cannonballs soon be
whizzing past with great force? 
Was that last
letter written to your family the 
final words they
would receive from you?

Over the years many men, 
and more recently women as well,
have faced these realities 
in defense of home
and country. 
To stand for values and freedoms.

On this Memorial Day weekend I want to honor
those who have heard the coming danger and have
stood unwaveringly in its path 
for the good 
of those they love
and the freedoms they cherish.
Remembering those who have 
sacrificed their lifeblood
for you...and for me.


Ellen said...

God bless them all for fighting for us and protecting us

Mrs.Rabe said...


We heard the fireworks last night too! They are much closer to us, then you guys, and neighbors of ours decided to shoot a few too!

Love a Holiday weekend!

Brittany Ann said...


Thank you for such a nice tribute! I am so blessed to call myself an American and have had strangers take this calling for me! I appreciate the reminder!

Elena said...

Amen to that! Such beautiful reflections and so true! I wish you a blessed and safe Memorial Day!