Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ever So Grateful

Warning: A Proud Parent Post....
Skip if these
things make you nauseous!

Last evening was Mikey's last
high school evaluation.
On Friday the Ceremony will mark
him as a Graduate and Monday, 
after a celebratory dirt bike trip on Saturday,
he will begin his new job.

Long time readers know,
or can guess,
where that is!

It has never been easy with him.
He absolutely hated anything having
to do with school.
I do not exaggerate here!

But, by the Lord's grace and
a lot of hard work we have reached
the goal!

Better than that~
Michael did it with

That is so very important!

Chelsea had her first High School
Evaluation last night.
That stinker finished up ninth
grade with 11.5 credits.

How can children from the same
Mommy be so very different?
Chelsea does school for fun.

It is her dream to go to Culinary
School and she practices almost
daily. Cooking dinner or most often
baking a fabulous dessert.

She has done meal prep and cooking for
up to nine people.
And it was GOOD!

At the same time she is quite the writer.
She and her pen pal, Julianne,
are co-authoring a very good book.
Our Evaluator, Tracy, really
enjoyed what she read of it and
encouraged us to take it further.
So, who knows, maybe one day
these girls will be published....

It is good to have an evaluator such
as Tracy. She is so encouraging and
very thorough. 
A true blessing!

Sorry if this a bit braggy...
but you know the truth of it is,
I am ever so grateful.

Grateful to my children for doing the required work.
Grateful to my family for all of their help and assistance.
And most of all Grateful to the Lord 
for enabling and strengthening us 
for this journey.

Now... on to Graduation
and then to enjoy


Carol said...

You have a right to brag, Becky! Is that James Bond I see in the first picture? Fun picture!

Carol :)

Andrea said...

Happy Graduation!
Blessings, andrea

Vickie said...

Brag away dear girl! You should go right ahead! Those kids are something to be proud of.

I feel the say way - all my kids are different, too, especially my middle one. It has something to do with boys and girls, too, I think. I'm celebrating with you and wish your kids the very best in their chosen fields, Becky!

Vee said...

Skip it? No way! If a mom can't brag a bit, who can? Your children are truly a blessing from the Lord and the good news is that it just keeps on going!

Mrs.Rabe said...


We love Tracy, too!

Congratulations dear friend, you did it!

LV said...

Best wishes to you and your children for a job well done. They could not have achieved what they have without you being the right kind of parent.

Kelly said...

Great post! You'll be missing those boys next school year, I'll bet.

And, way to go, Chelsea! Wow, are you going to graduate early too? :)

Good job, Becky!

We love you all.

Buttercup said...

Not braggy at all! Nice accomplishments to celebrate and so happy to share them.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Congratulations to Michael, you have every right to be proud. It's a wonderful accomplishment. You're right too, I think your daughter Chelsea and my daughter Micaela have alot in common.

Karen said...

Congrats to your boys on their graduation-and to Chelsea for earning all those credits already!

I must say that I haven't read the girls' book yet. You've got me curious...Julianne told me I can read it anytime but I never think to look for it.

Have a great day, my friend!

Elena said...

Congratulations to you and your kids! Their lives and successes are a testimony to you and you husband and the wonderful home that you have given them, but most importantly the knowledge of the Lord and what it is to walk with Him! Blessings to you dear friend!

Karen said...

Yay, Chelsea!!! You go, girl!