Thursday, May 27, 2010

Creativity in the Waiting...

Our home was built in the 1970's
and had the original windows.

They were pretty.
I liked them.

But, they were not tight
or energy efficient.
Not, a bit.

When we did some research about
the rebate program it seemed like
a very smart thing to pursue.

We met with a salesman and a week or
so later ordered the windows.

They called last Friday to say they were
in and ready to be installed. We were a
bit busy with Graduation so I called them
back on Monday. No problem, they wanted
to do it on Wednesday.

If you could have seen us in a frenzy...
taking down shutters, cleaning things
out from in front of every window,
taking down curtains....who knew we had
things under every window?

Then Wednesday arrived....and we waited.
Now, just for those of you who are not
on the East Coast experiencing the heat
wave, I had anticipated turning on the
A/C on the first day it turned 90 degrees
this summer. But that was not to be.
It would be fruitless to run the 
air with gaping holes in the house.

Thankfully it was a breezy morning.
I was enjoying the air on my face as I
hung out loads of laundry.

The installers were to be here at 9:00am.
One called and said he would be late.
Expect him about 11am.

I read, did more laundry, watched the finale of
LOST on the computer, made lunch, sat and talked
with the kids....finally at 1pm I called the
company. They said they would call me back.
Within seconds the installer was in my driveway.
Oops! I felt badly for calling...but.

This installer, Craig, worked by himself until about
4:30pm when another guy, John, showed up.
They worked together until around 7:00pm.
Finally, the job was done.
We have awesome new windows to keep out the
cold. It will be some time before we test
that theory. I turned on the a/c as quickly as
possible and both Moms came to see the windows.

Isn't that cool?

You know how when you get something new
you want to show it off?
Well, we have a built in audience.
Mom is very interested because she is
having some windows put in her place soon...
by this company.
Georgia was interested because these windows
were a gift to us, from her.

Thank You so much!!!
((She reads here))

So...After a long day of waiting,
sitting, watching, trying not to be
in the way in our own home....
We have windows!

Now, to get those shutters looking
pretty and back up.

We are debating painting them
or another treatment that Warren
found online last night.

All I know is they had better not be
off the house too long.
It is not nearly as pretty without them.

So...while I was sitting and sitting I
took a photo I have been wanting to take.
Just for the fun of it.

Every time I order Candle Fragrance Oil I 
get one of these wooden roses.
Frankly it irritates me.
I don't like oddsy-endsy things that really don't
have a home...
We have plenty, believe me.
I am not good at getting rid of things.
So I gave this one a home on top of the Entertainment Center
in the vase that I made.
That is sitting in front of the picture I took of an old
barn.  I had it blown up to poster size.
The colors and shapes have been fascinating me
and teasing me to see what they would look 
like in a photo.

Now I know.
And so do you.

 And all because it was a sit and wait
kind of day.
We probably don't do enough of that.
It has some creative side effects.


Andrea said...

How blessed you are to have new windows. Glad you were able to take advantage of the rebate.
You are very creative.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am very glad that the windows were put in and that all looks great! The waiting would have made me crazy...

Can't wait to see what you do with the shutters.

LemonyRenee' said...

New windows sounds exciting! I thought that perhaps the picture was of your new -- red -- window! A house around here had red windows and red french doors put in and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them putting them in, but when they were finished they looked wonderful. Their craftsman style house really sings now.

Please tell your Georgia we badly need new windows, too. :)

Manuela@TPOH said...

Yay for the new windows! We did that a few years ago and it really made a difference in our utility bills. We took advantage of the tax incentives and had and new heating and air unit installed this year.


Vickie said...

Hi Becky - you'll LOVE your new windows in summer and winter! They'll make a big difference - we had new ones put in our little drafty farmhouse and it's been great!

I'm glad you told me that the barn picture was sitting behind your vase. I thought it was all one photo. I was trying to make heads or tails of it!

Sandy said...

Our home was built in the 70s too and we need to replace only a few. I would love to swap out the sliders for french doors! :)

Thanks for all of your comments at RE! :)

Elena said...

That is great! We have thermal double pain windows in our house and boy does it make a difference. This house is so nice and warm and cozy and it is so much easier on the utility bills:)

Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures??

Vee said...

Funny how that works, isn't it? Glad that you had the opportunity. The other good thing about new windows is that they help to keep the cool in, too. Are they tilt-ins so that you can wash the outside from the inside?

Liane said...

Good for you that you have brand new windows! We're reaching that point with our home, too. Ours are original to the 1920s - with the weights and pulleys in them and I dread thinking of having them replaced.
So glad that it all worked out for you. And I love the beautiful rose at the top of your blog.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We need new windows too. I didn't know about a rebate program though. I laughed over the built-in audience thing, we're the same way. My parents come over to see things like this too :-)

Joyce said...

Figures they would show up on a 90 degree day but thankfully it was not raining. Yes the rebate is a great incentive to get new windows this year. All the money you save on heating and A/C you can save to replace more energy saving things in months to come OR you can save the money and take a cruise:-)

Kelly said...

We could use new windows and doors too, but they will have to wait a while yet.

I got a kick out of how you posted the words "Isn't that cool?" right after you mentioned turning on the ac. lol

Oh, and Mikey's roses are gorgeous!