Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Says Mother's Day Like...

Chinese take out?

And Authentic Chinese Tea...a gift from a friend.
No, it won't be served from this teapot.
This one lives at Winterthur...but a girl can dream.
Especially on Mother's Day!

Anyway...we are getting Chinese just after church
today.  A little Orange Chicken, Beef Lo Mein,
Veggie Lo Mein, General Tso and finally the
best of all.....Chicken and Broccoli!

None of the Momma's have to cook.
No fighting the crowds.
Love it!
Great idea Mom!!!!

Hope all of you Moms out there have a 
very blessed Mother's Day!



JD said...

Happy Mother's day to you, Becky...Sounds like you're going to have a really nice day. My daughter is coming to pick me up and she is taking me to a craft store today, because she knows that is one of the things I enjoy doing the I love your special blog header...great job!

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea. I hope you all enjoy Mother's Day!!!

Jerri said...

Happy Mother's Day.....Your take out idea sounds great. We are going out for an informal supper tonight and I plan to read and knit all day. God bless....


Buttercup said...

And to you! Wishes for a wonderful day. I agree, the header is lovely.

Brittany Ann said...

Happy Mother's Day! And I love this idea! Yum and easy peesy!

detweilermom said...

I awarded you a blog award on my blog. Happy Mother's Day!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Sounds good to me!
The men got KFC for lunch - it was yummy.

Have a lovely day, friend!

Jean Tuthill said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful day that you have planned. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Becky. Chinese take out is a good idea. Bob, my stepdaughter Stacey, and I went out to breakfast. As expected, the restaurant was packed. The food was good, though, as was the company.

Carol said...

Hope your Mother's Day was relaxing! Carry out sounds good. We ate Mexican at our favorite place & got there before the crowds showed up.


LV said...

Eating out on Easter and Mother's day is not a good idea. Thank goodness my dear daughter-in-law cooked for us today. She is an excellent cook and we were home as a family.

Tracy said...

No cooking--perfect gift...LOL! Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, Becky :o) ((HUGS))