Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Deposit in the Relationship Bank

Last evening I made enchiladas.
Warren and I had none.

The kids love these...filled with
sour cream, chicken, cheese and I sneak
in some re-fried beans. The protein is
good for them!

Warren does not love these.

We had a coupon for a buy one get one free
at Willow Valley Smorgasbord.

After a very satisfying but not stuffing dinner
we took a walk. Around the pond in the back.

Normally if I am here I am lugging heavy
bins of candles and setting up a display.
Working hard and loving it.

Last evening, though, as the sun was setting
the sky was changing moment by moment.

The air was definitely cool.

Only a few others were willing to
defy the cold for the beauty.

This is a site that many local young
people use for taking pictures before
Proms or weddings.

This bridge is very popular.

And then there are the willow trees.
Perfect at Willow Valley, don't you think?

When I am here selling candles I am normally
in the shade of this tree.

The temperature dropped further as the sun
set....putting the steeple of the chapel in
sweet profile.

Warren critiqued my technique with the camera as
I was taking photos of the ducks. I would have been
upset with him....except he was close behind me, looking
over my shoulder and that worked for me.

Yep! I took some very bad pictures so that we would
have to work on the technique just a bit more!

Finally all of the ducks headed back to their
nesting spots on the little island.
We took their lead and headed home to our nest.
If anyone is counting..this is the second time I have
compared our relationship to that of  ducks.
The first one is here.
Hmmmm.....maybe I need to rethink that.

Our "ducklings" had helped their Grandma Ruth spread
a ton of mulch and had been richly rewarded with
a trip to the ice cream stand. So all were happy.

It was a sweet evening, indeed.



black eyed susans kitchen said...

Beautiful pictures Becky! What a lovely place to have a romantic walk. Sounds like you had a good time. Nice to get away from the kids for just a little while.
♥, Susan

LemonyRenee' said...

Sounds like a nice, tranquil evening.

Mrs.Rabe said...

We have never walked there - looks lovely.

Brittany Ann said...

So idyllic! What a perfect evening!

jAne said...

You described your evening in a way that transported me there along with you and your dear hubby. Lovely pictures, Becky.


Vee said...

Becky, I was just thinking how far your photography skills have come. These are such lovely photos! You'll have to share what Warren gave you for tips. We all need them! (Guess that it is cool everywhere.)

Andrea said...

I wish I could enjoy a tranquil evening and come home to find my ducklings had spread a truck load of mulch while I was away...lol!

What a beautiful evening. I loved your pictures.


Persuaded said...

What a beautiful spot, and a beautiful evening.... I love hearing about happy healthy marriages. It makes my heart very happy♥

Wendy said...

Great pictures! Don't you feel so lucky to have covered bridges so close? Willow Valley is just beautiful!! We need to plan a visit...thanks for sharing :)

Elena said...

I loved all your pictures! That is a very pretty place.

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy taking a walk 'round that pond with my dh too! It is a very pretty place.

Tracy's corner said...

Lovely pictures!

JD said...

I tried posting a comment earlier...don't think it went through...Willow Valley, The food is great! We even had the opportunity to stay overnight at the Inn there. That visit was many years ago...would love to get back there again....someday...maybe...

Lisa said...

Amazing pictures!! That bridge is so charming, i can see why people take advantage of photo ops!!