Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Feet

Chelsea has really cute Summer feet.
Mine are a mess.

Yesterday after church many of us went to 
a local park with a stream running through it.
I took photos on our first visit to this park

but I didn't take any yesterday.

Partly because I, along with several ladies
and children were in the stream.
We were standing there chatting.
One of the little girls
was checking out our feet.

The water running over 
our toes made any nail 
polish sparkle.

She and I talked about the fact that 
her very colorful nail polish from a few
weeks ago was gone.

She very quietly and with a huge smile
said we were going to have to get 
together and have a "nail day".

Well, the other ladies thought that sounded like
fun I'm thinking that at some point
in the near future we'll set a date
to spend some fellowship time
doing pedicures and manicures.

All the idea of 
sweet little Sonja!
A photo from another picnic this Summer.
Looking forward to an 
afternoon or evening
of pampering.....
with some of my favorite people
on the planet.

My Summer weary feet will
thank me.


Theresa said...

Well Chelsea's toesies are sure cute! My weary Summer feet are looking... well, weary:) Have a blessed day! HUGS!

Vee said...

Well now didn't she have a great idea! Hope that hers get done very special. Chelsea's toes look fabulous!

Say, did you know that Lovella (Mennonite Girls Can Cook) is planning a trip to your corner this week? I think. Perhaps you and Mrs. Rabe could check it out. Don't I have wonderful plans for your life? Ha! Look for email.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Gorgeous photos Becky and that includes those very fancy toes! Happy Monday! said...

Her toes are adorable!

Happy Summer!

Stopping by from Bella Vista.

Emma* said...

Chelseas toes always look cute! I was not blessed with cute feet;-)

Sonja is the sweetest little girl ever! I knew who you were talking about right away:-) She is full of good ideas..."let's pick flowers..." ..."you could read this book to me"...I can just see/hear her suggest a "nail day":-)

Vickie said...

Hi Becky!

Cute post and cute toes! You SHOULD have a "Spa Fellowship"! We just had one at our church for the ladies. They had make-up tips, massages, mani and pedi-cures and all sorts of fun stuff. They had our preacher's wife do a lesson on the Biblical wife and how women are to conduct themselves in all walks of life. It was wonderful. Something for all ages of girls and women!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Cute toes!!

That stream sure does look refreshing. Lovely!!

Barb ♥

Mrs.Rabe said...

I think it is a great idea!

That Sonja charms us all....


Tracy said...

A polka-dot pedicure! Love Chelsea's summer toes--very fun! I've been going around barefoot and realize I could use a pedicure myself! Loved this park visit--all lush with summer green... I'd love to take a dip in that stream. It's been very hot here--up in the 90's would you believe?! What a cutie-pie Sonja is... love her curls & smile... too cute! Happy Days to you all :o) ((HUGS))