Thursday, August 4, 2011

He's An Actor and She's A Photographer

 The forecast called for rain all day yesterday
but just in case they were wrong we had 
instructed Jonathan to plant some things
in a new flowerbed under the tree just off the deck
when he woke up on Wednesday morning.

He was a bit miffed that there was 
no rain when he got up
but he made the most of it and 
appeared as a cowboy to 
do the planting.

Jonathan is definitely a character.
Or perhaps I should say
often in character.

Ever since he was a little boy
he's been quite dramatic.
I could see him in movies.
He'd do well.

So...this is him
making the most of a dreaded job.
He is not a landscaper!
He is an artist, writer, movie and game expert,
music critic and all things comfortable 
involving no dirt or bugs.
Well, perhaps I oversimplify...
he does enjoy fly fishing and tromping
through the woods.
And then there is the Airsoft which will
get him to crawl along the ground
to get the perfect shot or to avoid 
getting shot.

But...he does not do landscaping...
unless we require it.

What I love about Jonathan was that 
while I knew he was not enjoying it
he did not complain.
He just set about doing the best job he could.
In a tough situation with many, many tree roots.
They being the number one reason I have not 
developed this otherwise perfect spot before.

Here you can see the many instruments that were 
Pick axe, shovel, iron rod
and metal rake.
I believe he actually used a hatchet to 
slice through tree root at one point.

Finally they were planted!
A dwarf butterfly bush and a hydrangea.
I think they have a great chance of looking
wonderful next Spring and Summer.

Now, apparently Chelsea, the photographer
was inspired by Jonathan's western theme.
They went off to have a photo shoot.

The photos were then run through 
Picnik Premiere to become fun Western
themed posters.
I love these crazy kids and their 
dear friendships with each other.

You should have heard them laughing as they made these
photo to a momma's ears!

and finally

I think so.
Picnik Premiere has been a good
purchase for us.
Chelsea and I both put it to great use.
Well, she more than me...
but I love it too.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I saw those on facebook yesterday! They turned out great!


LV said...

What a great fun and yet working post. You did a super job.

Vee said...

I think hearing children get along and laughing and playing together is music to a parent's ears. Yours obviously know how to have some fun.

Shelia said...

How cute! Love your post and what a handsome actor you have! :)
I'm just thrilled you're coming to my party.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Theresa said...

What a handsome landscape cowboy you have:) Love the get-up he has on and the work he completed looks awesome! I know you will really enjoy the blooms in the Spring!

Cute pictures! Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Elena said...

Your backyard is so beautiful! I love all the green and trees. The pictures were great and I loved the old fashion transformation:)

Vickie said...

Becky - those are cute photos! I love the black/white - he does look like an outlaw

or maybe a lawman!

Glad you got your landscaping done. Isn't it great to have big strong boys to do that for us!