Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Excellent Mom and Becky Adventure

And it happened right at home too!

I was making some "fabulous" bowl 
candles yesterday....
when out of the blue my Mom and her
dog, Bear, showed up at my door.

Not unheard of but I knew that she had
completed her morning walk and was headed front window and Bear's love of 
barking as he walks had let me know that.
So, to have her turn around and come over 
caught me by surprise.

Turns out the handle on her storm door had
broken and she was completely locked out of 
her house.  I felt the adrenaline kick in as we joked 
about breaking and entering.
I gathered up some tools, including a metal nail 
file that I had noticed out of place the day before
but had not put away.  
It seemed nearly as good as a credit card. lol

Well, it turns out that unless we were willing
to do major damage to a window Mom's house is
pretty much like Fort Knox.  That is good to know.
However, when you are trying to get in one hopes 
for a chink in the armor.
We had to get that door open somehow!

We removed screws.
That didn't do it.
We took the pins out of the door hinges.
Nope, we couldn't budge it.

We laughed....a LOT.

Mom's new neighbor is a police
officer....just as the last one was.
  I could just imagine what he 
would think if he happened to come out
and see us with hammer, long screwdriver and 
other implements of breaking into a home.
Thankfully she introduced herself to him last
week so he probably wouldn't have thought 
too much about it.

Finally, I took that metal nail file and pried
one more time at 
the completely stuck handle.
It was a no holds barred last 
move of desperation.
Thankfully, it opened.
Of course we weren't exactly home free
because it was broken and once closed 
would be locked once more.
Ask me how I know this...
or on second thought, please don't.
So....we set into removing the handle completely,
restoring the pins to the hinges and putting the 
screws back in that we had taken out.

What a mess we were.
But it was kind of fun.

Mom and I....we specialize in getting
into crazy unexpected situations.
All completely unintentional I assure you!


Carol said...

That's an unconventional way to make memories! : ) You're blessed to have your mom next door.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I can just see it....oh, my!


Debby said...

It does sound like quite an adventure. Good that you can joke about it. Our back door has done that.....luckily I could get back in through the front. Once that hadle comes off you are stuck.

Vickie said...

But those are what make memories! How fun! You couldn't have had more fun than in you'd planned it! Glad you girls didn't get arrested for breaking and entering tho - now THAT would have been the icing on the cake!

Theresa said...

I am giggling right along with you:) You ladies sure do get into some fixes up there! Enjoy this gorgeous day my friend! Hugs!

Kelly said...

That is too funny! You will always have some fun memories, that's for sure!