Friday, August 5, 2011

Praying for a Revelation

I have promised our Algebra I 
Teaching Textbooks to a friend.

Disc One is missing.

I am searching...
frantically searching.

All I have so far is a huge pile 
of home school material to sell.
Watch for the list on the homeschool 
blog tomorrow.....
just in case there is something
you'd love to have for your 
new school year!

I need a revelation. 

Where did that disc go?
It HAS to be here somewhere!
It is bright yellow
and shouldn't be that hard to spot.


I am sure this never happens at 
your house, 

I ordered a replacement disc.
Now I am sure to find it!


Theresa said...

Oh yeah NEVER happens at my house, wink wink:) Sometimes I leave disc in a computer but I am sure you have checked there!

Hope you find it my friend, HUGS!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

It happens....all too often.

Hope you find it, Becky.

Barb ♥

Gayla said...

Yep, you will find it now.. I would check the drives of all old CD players or computers... and inside something else, like a CD they really like! haha.. That wouldn't be Algebra for me.... not really. Haha...

Vickie said...

Yeah, you'll find it right away - I have dozens of "safe places" where I put things - right -

they're safe from ME!

Linda said...

I was ranting and raving at the Lord a few days ago, before we "found" our new health insurance plan. I couldn't find my label maker. "I don't see how I can trust You to find us health insurance if You won't even let me find my la--...." Just at that juncture my eyes fell on it, my label maker, sitting meekly atop the piano. The Lord cares, even about label makers and bright yellow cd's! And, as you know, He also helped us find health insurance. Blessings today, Becky.