Sunday, August 28, 2011

2:41 AM Sunday Morning

This is what I know about Irene.
She is nasty.
She is loud.
She is causing our first responders to 
be out and in danger.

The wind and rain has woken me
several times....
I've taken up residence on the couch
because it is not directly under any trees.
Warren is the smart one.
He is getting a good night's sleep in our 
comfy bed.

I just filled the tub with water
as I watch more and more calls for 
wires down.
We have a generator but it would 
take a bit to get it connected to the well pump
and get the water going.

My front window should be very clean
when Irene has finished with it.
As long as it remains intact.
The rain is scouring it ...
I'm thinking that spider who lived
up in the corner where I couldn't reach 
it probably didn't stand a chance.

We won't have church as usual.
That has been decided.
We may get together as a neighborhood
to sing, pray and share.
We'll see about that.
It has been discussed.

I'm tired.
This makes me glad we aren't any closer
to the eye of this storm.
We are close enough!

Good Night, Irene.


Carol said...

Scary! Hope daylight finds everyone safe and sound. Praying . . .

Love & Hugs,

Becky K. said...

Carol....You are up too? We just had a half hour power outage. Thought we were in for the long haul and lit a bunch of candles. Warren warned me that it was going to get really hot.....then I remembered, no power, no a/c. Well, the power is back for now....

Theresa said...

Oh Becky, Hope you got some rest and NO damage! Stay safe my friend, BIG HUGS and PRAYERS!

Karen said...

"Good night, Irene, good night, Irene, I'll see you in my dreams."

Hope that wasn't true for you and that you were able to finally get some rest.

Becky K. said...

I got about three hours of sleep....just too much excitement. Looks like we'll have to get Warren's Mom a new Butterfly bush. Hers is on the ground. :-( It was so pretty. I grabbed a shower because we may still lose power....there is a pole down with wires dangling here on our road. Hopefully they will get it fixed before they disconnect.

Gayla said...

Been watching the path. You are in my thoughts. Stay safe!

Tracy said...

Thinking of you all & everyone back home... praying you all keep safe. ((HUGS))

Becky K. said...

We spent another three or so hours without power. It is back now. We are so grateful for the generator we found for $30 a couple of months ago. Warren spent many hours getting it to be functional and it served us well during the power outages to run the fridge and freezer. Here, next door and it is now serving one of our first responders! Feels so good to give back to one who gives!

LV said...

Glad you were one of the more fortunate ones.

Vickie said...

Becky - at least you won't have to wash windows for awhile - praying this finds you and yours well...

Linda said...

Praying for you and yours and for all in Irene's path. Love that you saved the "Good night, Irene" for your final sentence--humor in the midst of a stormy night!

tea time and roses said...

Dear Becky,

I stayed up late on last evening watching and praying and trying to reach family. I last heard the damage was not as great as expected in many areas and hoping you and your family are doing well. Will certainly keep you in my prayers dear friend.

Clean windows are certainly not a bad thing.:o)



A Rosy Note said...

I hope you and your family came through the storm safely. I was so glad to hear on the news that the weather wasn't as bad as they had anticipated.

Kelly said...

We missed not having church, but we enjoyed our Sunday. We slept in. Then I made us a brunch. We had a family Bible study and spent the rest of the day playing games with the boys.