Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quiet Morning at Hospitality Lane.....

After a full day yesterday of visiting 
Lancaster Bible College with Chelsea
and then getting her eyes checked
it is good to just be home this morning.
Both things went very well
and Chelsea is just slightly 
disappointed to have 
perfect vision.
Glasses can be a fun accessory now.

I find myself just wanting mornings such 
as this one more and more.
Quietly at home.
Gone are the days when I felt the need to 
be on the go all of the time.

So...this morning I wandered outside with the dogs
I saw a woodpecker couple tapping away at the 
trees so came inside to grab the camera.

I was able to get one very unimpressive 
shot of the female before she headed 
to the other side of the tree....

Can't really see her, can you?

Well, maybe this will help a bit....

Gotta love Picnik!

So... I turned my attention to the 
chickens....the chickies are growing so quickly.
Also, I see that a hen is molting.
There are feathers everywhere!
Could this mean that Fall is on its way?
I seriously hope so but I really have 
no idea if it the time of the year or a sign
that she is done setting.

I took a few pictures before the camera 
batteries began complaining that they were 
tired...poor things.

It makes us so happy to see that all eight
chicks are doing well so far.
Their Momma is awesome!

Well, I hope you haven't been too bored
by the quietness here today.

I'll enjoy it while it lasts...
Too soon someone will need something, 
or want to go somewhere...
I can count on that!


Tracy's corner said...

We are talking about getting chickens any suggestions??

LV said...

Getting out with things from the farm, helps put things in a better perspective.

Vee said...

Oh I love quiet and calm. I had a student once who wore frames with no lenses. Cheaper that way!

Let us not wish for autumn just yet, let us wish for respite from the heat and humidity. I hate to waste an entire month of summer.

A Rosy Note said...

Look at all your chickens! I'll bet they're so fun to watch.

Theresa said...

Quite sounds perfect:) I enjoyed hearing about your quiet day! Cute pictures of the chicks and the woodpecker!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love these kinds of days....glad you are enjoying it.


Shelia said...

Well, there is a bunch of little chickies! :) You can bring them to my party!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Terri said...

Enjoy! I am missing them already. Back to school for only three days and I am wishing I was back to the dog days of summer. I love bird photos!

Ronda said...

Good morning Becky,
I how I miss my times before I started work at the radio station, times when I also had quiet mornings at home. Times where coffee was in hand, and lots of quiet on the front porch watching the sunrise and the birds an squirels and more. I miss those longs times of hours spent reading blogs, getting to know new people and new things.
Enjoy more quiet mornings for yourself my friend!

Love & Prayers