Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Does This Happen?

Things have gone from very quiet and slow
to crazy busy in just a matter of a week.
Must be the time of the year?

All I know is 
that today and tomorrow will 
find me doing many different things.

Mailing orders.
Making hot chocolate candles...
and more
Helping a friend move.
Kicking off a large fund raiser.
Prepping for Sunday.
Accepting delivery on a new freezer.
Moving contents from old freezer to new freezer.
Listing new items at Etsy shop.
Work with college student on a class project.
Addressing post cards to attendees of a recent 
Ladies Night event.
Making appointments for Chelsea.
Preparing for mini vacation.
Getting Foster Dog to Vet.
Getting plane ticket for this dog.
Taking this dog to the airport.

Just a few things to handle over the next few days
to a week.  I am very, very excited about the 
new freezer!  Ours is very likely on its 
last legs, as it is ancient....and we have it 
so full that it is working hard.
Warren has done all kinds of calculations and 
it is very interesting to see how much electric
we will save even on this larger freezer.
And...The electric company will pay us 
to take the old one away.
O.K. then!
They are welcome to it.

All of this to say
please forgive me if I 
continue to be a bit
scarce here and at your blogs
until the weekend or even
early next week.
I do not take your visits for granted
and LOVE hearing from you.


Vee said...

Oh you sound busier than ever! Take some break times every now and then. You'll need them.

Theresa said...

Busy lady! Great pictures of the flowers and the bee:) Enjoy your day and kick your feet up occasionally! HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Bye-bye Mister! hee hee Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Don't forget to prepare for the storm headed our way!

Ronda said...

Wow that made me tired just reading all you've gotta do....WHEW!!! LOL

Have Fun!

Love Ya'

Tracy's corner said...

You make my schdule look light!

Kelly said...

Busy, busy, busy! I know how you feel.

So, Mister is finally returning to his Mommy, huh? I hope his trip goes well.