Sunday, December 6, 2009

Your Home Acrostics!

I loved your HOME Acrostics so
I thought I would share them among
the photos of the beautiful snow.
I went out this morning and slipped
and slid around with in my Sunday
Can you say cold feet??

So, therefore, I would appreciate
it if you would ooh and ahhh over
them, o.k?
Just kidding!

Speaking of HOMES...
this evening there is the sound of
many young voices all through this
home as we have a houseful of teens.
Love it!!!

A happy home sound, indeed.

Vickie, who writes with a wicked
sense of humor from a Texas
farm wrote this...who knew she
was so sensitive...what with
disposin' of all of those
gophers and everything!

H - haven for the family
O - open arms and hearts
M - molded in the image of Christ
E - ever enjoying each other

Carol got to my sentimental side when she
H~ happy laughter from our grandson is delightful
O~ old time hymns being played on the piano
M~ memories being created each day
E~ each person showing love

As a retired teacher, Carol knows how to

Susan, from New Jersey, had these
thoughts about HOME...

Healthy surroundings and meals
Open hearts
Memories made here
Everyone accepted and loved

I think I would love to visit
Susan. I would be accepted and
loved...that is a good thing.

Last but definitely not least,
Freda, a very fun and recent
retiree who is incredibly crafty
said this about HOME...

Helping Hands
Open Hearts
Merry Laughter
Everyone Sharing

Now don't these things just tell
you so much about those who wrote
them? I can just imagine enjoying
sweet fellowship with each and every
one of these ladies!

I love the hues of blue in all of these photos.
It has been a while since I have had time to
play along on Mondays so I am going to do so
when the link is up.

If you have time I would encourage you
to visit these blogs and Smiling Sally for a list
of bloggers who feature something BLUE!

Have a totally wonderful day!



Elena said...

Ohh those are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them:)

Kammy said...

So pretty, we have a ton of snow too , will post my pictures soon - but, brrrrrr baby it's cold outside !

LV said...

What a great sharing of wonderful verses from your friends. I enjoyed all of them so much.

Mrs.Rabe said...

The girls had a great time - thanks for your hospitality!

Joops said...

Beautiful sceneries.

Blue Monday in Detroit

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

These are some wonderful snow photos...thanks for sharing and Happy Blue Monday!

Tracy said...

great picture.

chubskulit said...

I love looking at the snow but I don't like being outside the house hehehe..

My Blue Monday

Tracy said...

HOME of PA is looking very pretty dusted with snow just now... I wonder if it will last until Christmas ;o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

SmilingSally said...

Ooh, ahh, how lovely are your photos, and I like all of those HOME acrostics too! Happy Blue Monday, Becky.

gengen said...

wow they are pretty...Happy blue Monday.

Mary said...

Your photos and the acrostics are wonderful, Becky. I hope you are having a great Blue Monday.

Karen said...

Beautiful photos!!

Happy Blue Monday!

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - thanks for posting the HOMES acrostics! Never knew I had a wicked sense of humor - I had to laugh out loud!

I love your snow photos. The way the sun is glowing golden on the bushes and trees, but the snow is in shadow and looks kinda purply-bluish. Beautiful! You have such a lovely blog! I enjoy reading it!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Dear Becky,

Beautiful photos! I truly enjoy all the snow scenes in blogland this time of year. I am so looking forward to the snow arriving in the mountains here in southern California. It is raining out this morning and a little chilly. I am welcoming the rain with open arms.:o) Enjoy a beautiful week my friend.



Cindy said...

Such lovely photos

Marice said...

these are beautiful! thansk much for sharing!

u may view mine here

daylily777 said...

Beautiful blue-hued snow pics !

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, simply wonderful....fabulous. I surely never see anything like this in Florida.

Love it!!!!

Barb ♥

Gayla said...

So very beautiful!!!!

Home is where----

H- Hearts are healed,
O- Once upon a time's are born,
M- Memories are etched, and
E- Even our dreams come alive.

Kelly said...

Nice photos, but I was wondering, is the blue in them natural? Was that due to the lighting?

I don't enjoy really cold weather, but I do love to see everything covered in fresh-fallen snow.

Debbie Pearson said...

Hi Becky! I've so loved your comments this week. It looks VERY cold where you are at. I am so ready for winter to be over, aren't you? Beautiful photos you shared.