Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snowed In...By Choice!

Today was my only Craft Show
of the year. It was easy to
be in the Christmas Spirit with
big fluffy snowflakes falling
outside. The windows near me
were perfectly placed for a
quick glance or a longing gaze.
Sometimes just the thought of
going out with my camera was
nearly irresistible. However,
since I did not remember to
take my camera it was an obvious

The crafter beside me had tables
and tables of boxwood trees and
Christmas greens.

I was one of three with candles
and one of those had hers priced
$2 less per jar. Oh, I fought with
myself about lowering the price, but
in the end knew that the quality and
service that come with my candles
justify their price.

It was very embarrassing when a very
dear friend of the other soy candle maker
purchased a hot chocolate mug from me.

She actually left the room and returned
to make the purchase after discussing
it with her husband.

She was apologizing to her best friend
all the while... saying how
much she loved it...and could use the
mug...etc. Oh dear!

By the time I left the Craft show there
was snow on the roads and already accidents
were happening. We were warned to avoid a
certain road because of one.

So...upon arriving home we discussed our
plans for the rest of the day.

You see, My Uncle Steve is visiting.
He is working on a project that is closer
to our home than his, which is in Virginia.
Our original plans were that he was going to
take all of us out for dinner.
That sounded great to us!

After watching the snow continue and the temperatures
begin to drop we decided to opt for pizza, subs and
a couple of movies.

It is so very, very pretty outside!
It is so very, very warm in here!

The fire is going in the fireplace
downstairs. It will be a delightful
evening to throw in Elf and Ice Age,
then pop popcorn, Chelsea is talking
of homemade hot cocoa...
we will enjoy some
family time.

See you later!
I'm off to enjoy our
snowed in evening!

Hope I can stay awake!



stefanie said...

oh, sounds sooooo cozy, what a way to get in the holiday spirit

Carol said...

Oh Becky, I'm so jealous! I love snow, but we haven't had any here in NE Oklahoma yet. Even my sister in Houston had snow yesterday. Your snowy evening sounds wonderful.


Mrs.Rabe said...

We did a bit of Christmas shopping today while the little girls were at a birthday party!

It is so beautiful over here with the snow on the trees and picket fencing and on the barn roof!

Pray for Tim tonight as he heads out for work - that the roads will not have frozen yet...they won't be a problem when he gets off from work at noon tomorrow!

Fairy Footprints said...

Becky how wonderful to see the snow, I haven't seen snow since I was 17, what a fun time that was visiting my Granny and Pop's house.

Have a wonderful Sunday


detweilermom said...

Oh Becky I know how you felt about taking pictures of the snow. I did take pictures from the beginning. My husband thought I was crazy but this was such a beautiful snow and there is something magical about the first snow. Hope you have a great day.