Friday, December 18, 2009

Only Here!

The chair saga continues.

I know, you have totally forgotten
about this chair...but it remains
on my mind as a failed project.

Remember this?

Well, the other day I took it
and a chair of Mom's to an Amish
home to be re-caned. just
two or three months the chair will
be completed.

Yes, I said two or
three months!

Turns out these ladies are
quite busy.

Who knew?

I did watch one of them work,
though, and it is quite a process
to cane a chair.

Now, for the "Only Here" title
of this post...
As we were leaving one of the
ladies gave us a bag full of turnips!

I have never eaten a turnip.
We, in turn, gave most of them
away but have
kept one to try.

One never knows what interesting
veggies you might leave with when
you drop off chairs to be caned.

Can't wait for pick-up time.
Hope peas are being harvested!

1 comment:

detweilermom said...

Turnips Huh? Never really grew to like them much. Maybe you will like them better. Enjoy!!