Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It is December First!!!

Amazing, isn't it?
How the time flies.

We had a guest speaker,
of sorts, on Sunday.
Our friend, Denny, spoke.
He agreed to fill in when
our Associate Pastor ended
up in the Hospital and our
Senior Pastor was out of
town for Thanksgiving.

Denny talked about time.
How there are markers in the
timeline that help us to place
things and keep things organized
for us. For example the assassination
of JFK or September 11, 2001.
He used the text in
Psalm 90 where it talks
about God's view on time.
"A thousand years is like a day".

I tend to think sometimes that a
day feels like a thousand years...

All I know lately is that time seems
to be in such a high speed that I
cannot believe how late in this year
of 2009 it is.

Last night was so much fun.
It was our boys Graduation Planning
Meeting. In May of next year they
will complete this leg of their
educational journey. All of these
years of school will be done and
life will be so full of possibility.

I do hope they will use their time
granted on earth wisely.
Every parent wants that for their
children, I believe.

Last night was also the BIG night
for getting rid of all of the
hundreds of candles that have filled
our living room and dining room for
the past several weeks.

That was fun!
People are so great.
I love their enthusiasm and
joy as they see the fruits of
their fundraising labors come
to fruition.

We were able to reduce the price
of the Formal Ticket from $46 to
$15! They were thrilled and
applause burst out! Now that made
all of those early mornings to late
nights in the kitchen worth while!

Time, it is something to take note
of. What are we spending it on?
Are we aware that it is fleeting?

There have been two deaths in this
past week that I have noted because I
know the families in one way or another.

Those families have differing takes
on their losses. One lost a wife and
mother at the age of 56, another lost
a mother at the age of 89.
The loss is deep in either case.
Time seems just so short when it
comes to things such as this.

However, our perspective on time is going
to shift one day. Once we are loosed from
earth's timetable and shift to God's we will
see a thousand years as if it were a day.

Hmmm....wonder what that will be like?

I think it will be wonderful, if spent
in the presence of a Holy and loving
Heavenly Father!

Oh...that will be bliss!

Cherish your time here,
but look forward to a life
where time means oh, so little!



Persuaded said...

It is so hard to believe that this year is almost over! Yet the month of December is my favorite one of the year... today I started reading the book of Luke. Interestingly it has 24 chapters, so at one a day, that will bring me to the end on Christmas eve. Funny coincidence, eh?

Blessings to you today! Did you have snow this morning? We did.. our first real snow of the season. ahh bliss☺

Mrs.Rabe said...

It really is amazing how time goes by so quickly. I look at the calendar and those many, many weeks until Christmas have dwindled to three!

So glad that He holds our lives in His hands and that we will be with Him one day in that place outside of our time...

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Becky, yes, I feel that time is flying but I have always felt that way. Our lives are just a whisper, aren't they?

Thanks for stopping over. Do you have your tree up yet?

Barb ♥