Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Piano Lesson Incentives

Did you know that it does not
take much to get a certain little
girl to work really hard at her
piano lesson?
I have been teaching
Miss Sarah to play the piano.

Her Mom blogs here.
Sarah loves the lesson but is a
fairly typical student when it comes
to practicing. She often just plain
forgets to do it.

Watching her progress in the lessons
I cannot imagine how fast she would
fly through the basics if she put in
more time at I
found a simple but time tested way to
get her excited.


I know it doesn't seem like much but
Sarah was nearly bouncing off her seat
because she earned four stickers!
She could not wait to show her Mom,
who she was sure would be "so proud!"

I remember my first year or so of lessons.
I wanted those stickers.
They meant that I had conquered a piece.
I, too, could not get excited about
practicing. There were days that Mom
and I went head to head over it and I
would play with tears running down my
face. But I would play.

It has paid off.

Today, while I am not a great pianist,
I can play just about any song in the
hymnal and enjoy playing for church.

Sarah is looking forward
to playing at church.
I am excited for her.
Watching her determination to get it
right makes my whole day!

So...Hats my very
first piano student!
Here's to lots and lots
of stickers to come!!

Love You, Sarah!

Now, go Practice!


Mrs. K


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Yea Mrs. K for finding that perfect piece of encouragement. They work cheap at this age. I have (7) grandkids and they all love stickers. Right now you can get some pretty good stickers at the $$Dollar Store. They have a big selection of Princess.

You need to find you a little music box, kind of like a jewelry box that she can open and select a sticker from. She is hearing the beautiful music play as she selects her little piece of encouragement.

Have a beautiful day sweetie.
Country hugs...Sherry

Persuaded said...

Hurray for stickers! and for your little student as well☺

I know my Millen loooooves to get her piano book filled with stickers as well. I think it is a very tangible evidence of their hard work.

Ronda said...

Good Morning my friend,

How wonderful of you to teach this lady to play the piano.
I remember my first piano teacher. what fun I had.


Love & Prayers,

Mrs.Rabe said...

I promise to make sure she practices! Sorry!

She was so thrilled with those stickers! She showed me first thing and the girls said she was bouncing everywhere in the van! I guess you found her motivation!

She loves her lessons and her time with you - Thanks so much Becky!

ps - Those photos must be from last year? She has really grown since then! She is a doll!

Karen said...

Stickers have amazing powers, don't they?

My girls actually still get stickers on their pages when they're done. Otherwise, their elderly piano teacher doesn't always remember they've completed them. ;-)

Those Rabe kids are such cuties, too!

jAne said...

"simple" solutions for sweet students. :o) this little student is too cute for words, and how fortunate she is to have *you* for her piano teacher.

jAne * tickleberry farm

Elena said...

That is awesome! I can't wait until Mary gets old enough for lessons. She loves stickers too:)

♥Cayden's Mommy♥ said...

How fun is that! She is so cute!