Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leisurely Afternoon...and CHEESE!

With Chelsea off to an all girl-friends shopping
trip and sleepover, the boys on their
own shopping expedition and Warren working
I took some time this afternoon and headed
out to the Chiropractor. I know that doesn't
sound like a lot of fun...but I don't mind
too much.

Right across the street from my Chiropractor's
office is Kitchen Kettle Village. If you have
been there it is likely you think it is a
pretty fun place to visit. Lots of little shops
all grouped together in a bunch of little buildings
that form a village of their own.

Wandering through the shops this afternoon was
so enjoyable! It was not crowded, even with a
couple of tour buses in the parking lot.

I picked up a few things which will not be mentioned
as I plan to give them to some family members who
read here.

Then, as it was very, very cold and I had not eaten
any lunch, I found my way into the cafe for a bowl of
chili. Yum! It was meaty and tasty.
Not over the top spicy.
Just right, really.

Quiet time watching beautiful
scenery from the cafe windows
and then a ride home with some Southern
Gospel Music at full blast.

I can do this when
I am alone in the car...otherwise with the
children it is some noisy Christian Rock,
which I put up with.

I could make them listen to
my music, and on occasion I do,
but it is much more pleasant to
wait until I am alone.

In these times
I choose hymns that I can sing along with
or some good old Southern Gospel!!!

Now, about that cheese...
See the last post if you are
wondering what in the world I
am talking about!

I went a little bit overboard!

These are actual photos of the cheese
I got this morning at our Amish Grocery.

Told you I was going to get...

some C-H-E-E-S-E!

Cheese, Glorious Cheese!
Farmer's Cheese, Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone...
shredded, sliced and by the block.

Hope this makes the young ones happy!



jAne said...

I don't know about the young ones but this old one is always happy with cheeeeese. :o) Yum.

Chili - with cheeese, onions and sour cream on top. Mmmmm.

Southern Gospel Hymns cranked up? Way cool.

jAne * tickleberry farm

JLS Hall (Joysweb) said...

Oooh, this post is making me sooo hungry! All that cheese looks wonderful. But I'm sorry to hear about the chiropractor - hope you're feeling OK now.

Elena said...

The cheese looks yummy. I know anything the Amish make is really yummy as my dad was raised Amish and a few times we got to taste their wonderful cooking! How fun to enjoy some shopping and Southern Gospel music:)

Karen said...

Cheese Emergency is declared officially over. Whew!

We like to stock up on cheese at the Amish store, too. They have some great bargains on cheese almost every time we go.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your girlie is likely having way too much fun with the girlies she is with. Warning - she will be tired tomorrow! :)

I was out doing a bit of shopping and ran into our friend B out with her boys getting gifts for their sisters, who were well, with Chelsea and the girls and Grandma Phyl!

The next thing I know - there are your boys as well! :) Dollar Tree was one happenin' place this afternoon!

So glad you had such a refreshing day! And the cheese! Well done, friend, well done!

detweilermom said...

Oh I love BB's. Really must get there more often. Glad your cheese crisis is over.

♥Cayden's Mommy♥ said... cheese!!