Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Social Children

It seems they are always headed
somewhere to do something together.

Often they will meet friends.

Mikey looks serious.
Thank goodness...
since he is behind the wheel!

Jonathan is always our DJ in the car.
He almost never gets into the car
without his huge CD case.

Chelsea loves that Mikey can drive!
She is always trying to get him to take
her somewhere!

The kids took these photos as they went to a movie
with friends a few weeks ago...


Ronda said...

Morning Becky,

It does seem as if our children are always on the go, but how wonderful it is when they come home and love to hang out there as well.

Your kids seems wonderful. Enjoy them and never take one single moment for granted.

Have A fabulous day my friend.

Love & Prayers,

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh Yeah!

Brittany Ann said...

So great that they love spending time together!

Debbie Pearson said...

I guess it's good when they become able to drive and get from one place to another without Mom being chauffeur, but it seems like that also means I see my kids less and less. The good news, they always find their way home :) Happy Holidays dear friend.

Elena said...

Great pictures! I like the brown tones.

Kelly said...

It's so nice that they all get along so well that they want to all go away together -- another plus to homeschooling; siblings learn to truly love one another and get along.