Friday, December 18, 2009

Chloe is Lonely...

So we are actively looking for
a sister for her.

She and Kimmy were such good
friends and we can tell Chloe
misses her...the cats just aren't
quite as happy to play.

If we say Kimmy's name,

Chloe's ears
go up and her tail wags. It makes us
so sad that she thinks she is going to
see her so we try not to say Kimmy's
name. Isn't that crazy??

We are looking for another small
dog. Hopefully something like a
Papillon or another Chihuahua mix
like Chloe. She is such a wonderful
little girl.

There was a time that we thought we
were big dog people. We had a rescued
husky whom we adored. This was Sally.
It was the name she came with...

After she got sick
and died we went to the Humane League
seeking another large dog...but ended
up with this most adorable little bundle
of attitude.

So...we thought we would be good with just
one dog, but all of us are feeling the loss
of Kimmy months later. It is time to get
Chloe a sister. The whole family is into
the search. I spent hours online looking
today and then showed the candidates to
Warren and Chelsea this evening. They were
excited by a couple of them. One is near
Pittsburgh. Don't know how we would go
about getting that one...but you just
never know.

Hopefully sometime in the next few months
we will find just the dog for us.

One that is welcoming to the many visitors that
pass through Hospitality Lane, loves to run
and play, is housebroken,
teases the cats...

...just enough...
and who is relatively obedient.

We aren't asking for much, are we?
O.k, maybe...but we have one who is
like that..........

So we have hope!

If you know of a smallish younger dog that
needs a home we would be interested....



Melissa G. said...

You'll know the right one when you find her! =)

judy said...

Awww, that's so sweet! Have you checked the SPCA lately? I think they have a website. How exciting.... we can't imagine life without Roscoe even after just 6 months! I am sure the kiddos will be sledding today if Chels wants to come up later!
Have fun in the dog search!

Vee said...

Exactly..."teases the cats just enough." We are still battling the cats teasing each other just enough. We're losing.

Thank you for stopping by with such sweet words. I've missed you, too!

Cindy said...

Haha! Our cat teases our dogs! Your post is so touching. I hope you find a new sister soon.

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Becky, check out You can put in the size, sex and even the breed if you want to narrow it down that much. Then they will list all the local rescue shelters showing dogs that meet your criteria. Good luck.