Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is what I wrote
for Advent at church last week.
For the rest of the
Advent Season my friend,
Kelly, will be doing the
writing or finding
readings for each candle.

What is Christmas?

One year for some
special event my family
was introduced to a series
of greeting cards that asked,
“What is a Wife”,
or “What is a Father?”.
There were cards that asked,
“What is a Brother?”,
What is a Grandmother?”
These cards would then go on
to expound on the positive merits
of such a role.

We found these cards so funny
and each year would strive
to find at least one for some occasion.

But now I wonder,
What would one of these
cards say if it were answering
the same question about Christmas?

Would it say
Christmas is a wonderful
time to make ovenloads
of cookies to share.


The best time of
the year for shopping?

Maybe it would say,
“Christmas is a wonderful
time to hone your skills
at following directions
as you put that bike
together on Christmas Eve.”


Christmas is for the benefit
of fir tree farmers…
sales are up 1000%!

I do hope such a card
would look more like this:

What is Christmas?

Christmas is a time to reflect on
and rejoice in the birth of a Christ Child.

It is a time for Christians
across the world to cheerfully say
“Merry Christmas” to those they meet!

Christmas is a time to share
The Light of the World through the
Traditions and carols that are sung.

It is a time for families to
join together in celebrating a Savior,

For churches to swing
wide the doors and invite the lonely,
The lost, and the hungry
inside to hear the message.

It is a time for Christians
to meet the needs of the hurting
that we might earn
the opportunity to
share the Good News
of Salvation.

So…What is Christmas?

Advent is our time to reflect
and think on these things.
Are we doing all we can with Christmas?
All we can to reach
the world for Him?

Merry Christmas!!!!


SmilingSally said...

Good job, Becky.

Gayla said...

So true. It's time to reflect on the sanctuary of Christmas. I loved this post. Thank you!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Merry Christmas, dear friend. I have missed a few of your posts, so I read a few older ones. I'm glad your craft show went well and that Warren is OK. May the coming year find you and your family healthy and blessed.

I have been temping at PinnacleHealth Foundation since Thanksgiving. The assignment is for 2 months with a possibility that it may turn permanent. I travel to two different sites - one downtown Harrisburg and the other in the Colonial Park section of Harrisburg. DH survived the budget cut. I have been busy decorating and will link to the holiday memes. Blessings, Karen

Phyllis said...

It is so easy to get caught up in all the baking, shopping, and parties. THis year I have purposed to keep my mind focused on Jesus. Remembering He IS the reason for the season. THank you Lord.